Help me with Chloe advice!!!

  1. I do not own a Chloe bag and need some advice on what to look for to spot a fake. I found some Chloe bags at but I'm unsure of their authenticity! Is there a red Paddington bag? These bags are discounted to $799 for their Paddingtons. Any input? I called the number and was told they guarantee their authenticity and you can return any bag within a weeks time. Let me know what you think and if Chloe even made a red Paddy with the gold lock! Thanks!!
  2. Their retail price for the Spy is $1599, and $1999 for the Paddington :biggrin:

    The first thing to spot is the price.
  3. Any chance they are authentic and they are discounted due to being last season bags??
  4. no. Not from this site., yes. But theyre only up for sale for a brief period of time before they sell out.
  5. And even on bluefly, we aren't talking about 50% less.