Help me with Belen Echandia!!!!

  1. This will be my first expensive bag purchase and I could really use some help! I have been looking for the perfect bag and have pretty much decided on a BE! My question is a Love Me or a Take Me Anywhere? I am kinda small and don't want a HUGE bag. Also, I want it for everyday. I wear jeans to work and dress casually all the time.
    My color choices in order are: Dark Grey, Petrol, Red (maybe purple)!
    Any opinions would help!
    Also, do both bags come in these colors?
  2. I've got a Take Me Anywhere and I have to say that they are a big bag, not huge, just big.

    Mine is white (sort of off white really) and I'm 154cm tall and a medium frame, I carry mine O.K. but I'm always toting around large bags so it doesn't look off on me. It is a little heavy but it is a great design so I don't mind. I generally don't use the longer strap because the shorter double straps fit over the shoulder and the longer one puts the bag at an awkward height for me. All that aside, it is a very functional bag and it is great!

    I don't have the Love Me but from measurements and posts from other TPFers, it looks slightly smaller than the TMAnywhere.

    All the bags can come in any colour if you put in a "bespoke" order and providing there are enough orders for that colour. If you are looking to get one at the sale it would depend on whether Jackie has any in stock at the time.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I should also have asked what do you think about colors for everyday?
  4. lindzstu, I saw your question on the other thread. I think the wine is more of a "neutral" (one with pow!) color that would go with everyday wear....the red is lovely, but with the gold too...dunno, to me, it's more of a "special occasion" bag. Of course, it depends on what you slum in...I'm a jeans and tee kinda gal!

    I have the Love Me and I think it's a great proportion for a shortie like me (I'm 5'2"). I love my dark grey, but it is more conservative. I think a nice blend of chic,daring, and "everyday" would be the petrol in the Love Me...but that's just my opinion! I would have done the petrol, but my whole wardrobe revolves around dark jeans and more neutrals....the petrol color would have made it look like I was playing "dress up", you know?
  5. Thank you so much I was thinking the same thing! I having been saving for a special bag and I think LM is it! At first i thought RM MA or a Botkier but I really love the BM's! I can only buy one really nice bag so i have to think this through carefully and that's hard by looking online only. I never would have spent this much sight unseen without help from tPF!
  6. I have a dark grey LM as well and I love it. It's very chameleon-esque and goes with practically everything.

    That being said, I've also ordered it in sexy black crash, which is a glossy textured leather.

    The Love Me is not super big, packs a lot, and is very comfortable to wear. The leather is INCREDIBLE and only gets better with time.

    I think you've chosen very well and will be extremely happy with your BE purchase.
  7. i have a petrol LM and wear it with jeans and a tee when i want to give myself a little pop for the day. but i also have my chocolate LM and a dark grey on the way and those are great casual colors - but didyou check out the Love Me mini?? that might be a better size for you since you don't want a huge bag, and while i don't think it is, some do find the LM huge :smile:

  8. Hi. I have a TMA and it is BIG - almost huge, but I love it.
    I'm thinking of getting the Love Me when they have their sale this weekend.
  9. Is the Petrol metallic? It sort of looks that way in some pics?
  10. no, not metallic, but a little glossy - it's awesome!
  11. I have the dark grey Love Me, and I think it is just an idea is so versatile and would be great for casual or even when you need to dress up. I love how versatile this particular grey is...really striking.

    Have you looked at the LM Mini thread? Maybe you'd want a more medium sized bag if you don't want to carry too much or are worried about proportion. I'm not sure what colors it comes in yet but I'm sure you can find out.

    I would definitely recommend this bag. It is so stunning but in a way that is classy and not pretentious.
  12. I own the Take Me Anywhere in the petrol and it's one piece of gorgeous shoulder candy! I often carry it withoout the long shoulder strap, because it fits over my shoulder with the two handles. I don't think it's too big and I'm only 5'4. I certainly get lots of compliments on it though! :rolleyes:
  13. I just read on the LMM thread the LM and the LMM both have central zipper compartment? This means the main inside of the bag is divided? I don't know if I like this is the TMA the same way? Does anyone elde feel the same?
  14. the TMA isthe same way, sorry - if you like open bags, there is the charm me and the Hold Me :smile:
  15. I love compartments. It's so much easier to find your stuff.