Help me with a good problem! Thanks TPFers!

  1. I just got good news and came to the one place I knew people could help! For a holiday gift I get to pick out any purse I want for around $400 (plus or minus a bit). I want a nice sized bag I can use everyday...any suggestions? Thank you!!:biggrin:
  2. Two words....



  3. I just got a Anna Corinna original sized city tote in gunmetal and I love it! Its under $400 too.=)
  4. ^, that, or I think the mid City tote is a perfect everyday bag! The AC bags have great leather!
  5. I agree, they have gorgeous colors as well=) good luck!
  6. I have to third that. I had an AC mini that was too small and knew the regular was way too big. But the mid city seems to be a perfect every day size.
  7. MEgs posted about a Rebecca Minkof bag that is totally cute
  8. I love the brown one!!
  9. Thank you all so much!! I looove the AC bags! I found another bag I love too, it's Isabella Fiore, I don't know that much about the brand, do any of you? here's the bag, which seasons do you think I could wear it ? Isabella Fiore Quilted Lambskin Hobo - Designer - Neiman Marcus I want the most bang for my buck lol. Sorry I'm so needy, I really appreciate all of your help!! :biggrin:
  10. I have never owned a Isabella Fiore bag...sorry=(
  11. Isabella Fiore is a good quality brand, IMO a little pricey for what you get but I notice that the one you're checking out is on sale. They can be on the heavy side but in lambskin I think you'll be OK. I really like the lighter brown color....
  12. thanks so much for the advice!! i like that color too, bali! I am reallly looking for a silver or another metallic quilted bag, but cannot find any under $1000... anyone know of any? (i've been searching all day! lol)
  13. I like Botkier...Fiore is good quality too BUT!!!! I'd most definitely recommend a Rebecca Minkoff!
  14. I don't know much about IF, but I also recommend Rebecca Minkoff!!
  15. Although the leather is very nice, I think IF tends to be a bit more quirky than classic and can quickly become dated. RM has gorgeous leather and classic styling with enough of an edge to make them interesting. I'd go with RM.