help me win an LV Damier pochette!!

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  2. I'm afraid that Louis Vuitton do not make the 'Pochette Accessoires' in the Damier Canvas. I strongly advise you to withdraw from this competition to avoid illegal prosecutions.
  3. Oh, I'm terribly sorry! Yes gorgeous product, Good Luck!
  4. While it is not the same one being given away, according to the description on Eluxury, the Navona is the damier accessory pochette so it does exist.

    "The charming Navona accessories pouch features golden hardware, a discreet zipper, and a delicate removable strap, which hooks to the D-ring found in many luggage pieces. Trimmed in smooth leather, a fine addition to your Louis Vuitton collection"
  5. I was only stating by the information given thank you very much! She said the "Pochette" so I automatically thought "Pochette Accessoires".

    So forgive me for trying to help, and by the way I also left her a message of my apology being corrected, I misunderstood.
  6. Oooh and the damier pochette accessories (without the brown strip) can be SO-ed, I've seen it before and it's really cute !

    And yes, of course - I'm really interested in entering thebaghag's contest actually - but I don't think I have enough bags to do it ! I can't wait to see some of the other entries. :biggrin:
  7. ^^ayla, you can join, too! it doesnt matter how much you have, really! :smile:

    it was a bit of a challenge for me to style-ize the bags actually... i should have just included my favorite bags because it's easier to style if there's not a lot in the picture :smile: so i just ended up making a not-at-all creative collage :sad:
  8. :smile:
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