Help me~ white or anthracite?

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  1. Ok,

    This would be my second balenciaga. I just got a violet city (which is TDF!) Anyways, I'm looking for my second one. I cannot choose between a classic white RH city or anthracite GGH day. I know they sound like opposites...I thought white would be good because the purple is a darker color. I don't have any white bags either. But the GGH is beautiful too! So...can you help me choose?
  2. I have an anthra city and I absolutely love the color. If you have already found an anthracite bag, I would definately get it first since you can always get a white city. Finding another anthracite will be much harder.
  3. Anthra GGH Hands Down!!! lol im soooo bias!
    IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0345.jpg
  4. Anthracite. The color is so unique and multifaceted. You can always get another white bag, but you can't always get another anthracite one.
  5. Anthracite. This is my 07 Anthracite Twiggy, worn in. I love how multidimensional the color is, ranging from steelgrey to green undertones. It's one of those colors that you either love or hate. And because it's a dark shade I use her daily without fear of getting her dirty. Whites come out every season/year so you can always get a white later. How about a Sahara 08? It looks fantastic with giant hardware. Have a search on the forums and you can dig up some threads on ladies who have just posted photos of the Sahara with GH.
  6. Anthra! Gorgeous and unique color!
  7. anthra! i've never seen one in person..but all the pics i've seen look gorgy! you can always get a rh white city later! good luck sarahmoon714! :tup:
  8. Anthra x1000! It's still on my top 3 list!
  9. All the way thumbs up for Anthra!!! I'm still scouting for a anthra Work!!!
  10. Sorry, left out the photos from before.

    My broken in Anthra twiggy.
    IMG_3213.jpg IMG_3210.jpg
  11. Anthracite!
  12. Antracite! No question abou it.
  13. Ok! I won a anthracite brief with GGH from eBay for $900! Woo hoo!!!! Post pics when I get! I thought it would be too big but after seeing the brief on Vanessa Hudgens, I think it's a keeper!
  14. Oh yeah,
    and it is in excellent, mint condition!!!!
  15. Way to go on a great deal!! You'll adore anthracite - I have a city and love it! The GGH on it will be stunning too!