Help Me! Which Ostrich Would YOU Pick??

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  1. I've been lusting after an ostrich Birkin for quite awhile now. Violine was my first love, but lately, I've been loving the look of the vert olive. As luck would have it, I have the opportunity to buy both, same price, brand new, but the funds to only buy one right now. Which color would you choose and why? I have to say, I love purple, and already have a Jimmy Choo croc Riki, another purple Jimmy Choo bag and a Mulberry ostrich Bayswater in purple. Help me! I need to decide ASAP. TIA!
  2. PURPLE ALL THE WAY :ps::ps::ps::ps:
  3. ^LOL! I thank you for your input!
  4. You're welcome~~purple just "pops" :smile:
  5. definately VIOLINE purple!!! its in my list!
  6. violine is pretty BUt its everywhere and become too common for my taste--vert olive is a stunning neutral--never see them either
  7. as much as I :heart: the violine so much, with your collection in mind I would go with the vert olive if I were you. IMO it will make it especially unique and beautiful among your collection of handbags. Violine is gorgeous of course but Vert Olive is so striking and beautiful and a great color and neutral combined! Classy and chic all the way.

    I sympathize with you as it is a difficult decision to make. I love both of these two colors too! and congrats on being able to get these options. lucky you!
  8. Thanks ladies! Anyone else have any thoughts?
  9. Vert Olive! It will be different and special in your collection :flowers:
  10. purple. what size are they?
  11. purseinsanity, violine is stunning. Since you do have a number of purple bags, take that bold step and go for the vert olive? I have a similar problem in my wardrobe, and sometimes I actually wish I had a bag in a different colour to be able to match outfits more nicely.

    zrusky7, I see you have a violine ostrich in your wishlist...ahahahha...
  12. Vert Olive for me;)
    i can imagine how versatile this colour can be;)
  13. Go for Violine if you wanna increase the purple variety in your wardrobe and for something more colourful.

    Go for Vert Olive for something more understated and elegant.

    For you, I am inclined to say Vert Olive, especially if it has GHW.
  14. They're both 30cm.
  15. I know what you mean. I'm not sure how many purple bags I need! Violine was my first love though. What to do????