help me , which one do i get? :(

  1. hello .. so i am stuck between 2 bags. i live in nj and commute to nyc everday for work and i tend to need big bags to carry my change of shoes , books , ipod, wallet ,makeup and everything else a girl needs. my other thing is that i travel at least twice a month to arkansas for work. i tend to make them one day trips so that i can get the h=== out of there ( sorry fellow arkansians). so i need to carry everything + paperwork. So i am indecissive about which bag will be better. i love the cabas mezzo and the deauville , both in the monogram canvas. i just dont know which one to pick . the cabas mezzo is a shoulder bag and the deauville is a hand carry , which i do not mind. please help me as I have to choose today. I'm going to bloomingdales today to pick one up . Thank you guys! :cursing:
  2. I definitely say go shoulder bag for travel!
    A drawback of the mezzo is the vachetta bottom. Hard to keep clean and truly looks like crap once you get stains and water spots on it until the leather darkens to dark honey.
    The Deauville is gorgeous and does have the lined interior which makes it easier to keep clean and less fragile. You could also buy an optional shoulder strap for it which might be best. That way you can have hand held and should bag all in one and even carry it cross body if your shoulder gets tired walking thru the plane terminals.
    I'm not much help- I like them both!
    You can tell by my wish list I like bags with both handles and shoulder straps- Stephen, Rita, Cabas Raye Gm, Prada Gauffre- so I am a little biased. lol

    A Stephen bag would also be a good choice for you. There is one on eBay pretty reasonable right now but I think they are hard to find in boutiques as it was limited and a little higher end on the brown mono scale.
  3. cabaz mezzo! it'll free up your hands just incase you have more stuff to carry.
  4. I'd say Cabas mezzo, however with ALL those things that you mentionned, the cabas will be a very tight squeeze imo........ I would suggest Saleya GM or Antigua GM:yes: Good luck
  5. The Saleya GM is a perfect suggestion!
  6. Noe, Cabas Mezzo or the Hampstead GM (Damier bottom). I don't think the Deauville is large enough for the things that you plan to carry, but you can buy a strap for the Deauville if you need it (I have the same bag with a strap).
  7. yah i say mezzo! and the saleya GM is def something to think about!
  8. Mezzo or Saleya, although I favor the Mezzo for the flat straps.

    You might want to look at the new Hampstead GM, which is damier, but looks very roomy-- plus straps are flat AND adjustable.

    I carry a Chelsea, which is quite large-- I love it. :biggrin:
  9. when I was reading your post even before I got to your options Deauville came straight to mind
  10. I have a deauville and it is a great bag. It does get very heavy for me at times but the shoulder strap would be great to have. The damier suggestions are very good too.
  11. thank you guys for all ur suggestions. i still havent made up my mind. i'm going to research the saleya and hanpstead .. thanks again!. i will let you know which one i choose.
  12. let us know ur decision, but definitely a shoulder bag for me if I was in your position... good luck deciding! I out there searching for my next love too.
  13. I am sooo happy right now. for those who know I have been looking for an oversized LV to carry all my junk .. well I went ahead and listened to you girls and got the damier hampstead GM !!!! I'm in heaven. I also got the red speedy charm to go w/ it . it's to die for!!!:heart: the weird thing, is that this is my 10th or so buy from LV and I havent been as excited as I was today. My whole life is going to be better. the bag is perfect !! THANK YOU LADIES SOO MUCH. now all i need is the tPF charm to hang on it as well .. and I'm set .. I can't thank you enough. I'll post this to the origianl thread as well to update you. :roflmfao: :wlae: :rolleyes: :nuts: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Great choice! I've been eyeing that bag but in the smallest version. Post pics when you can.
  15. Congrats! So happy to see you so excited with your purchase too!