Help me! Which one do I choose?

  1. Hello everyone...I'm new to posting on this thread, but I am looking for a new bag this spring and am stuck on 3 possibilities (if I could afford it, I'd take them all home) and I need help deciding on one. Any suggestions?:smile:
    Kooba Parker.jpg Moni Moni Eden.jpg Gustto Bolia.jpg
  2. kooba parker

    moni moni eden

    gustto bolia

    i like the shape of the gustto, but never saw any of them IRL. so i can't really pick one :p
  3. I like the Kooba Parker best! But I think the Gustto is also very nice :shame: Not digging the Moni Moni much... :shrugs:
  4. I'm liking the kooba parker :smile:
  5. oh i love the kooba although the gusto coloring is very unique.
  6. I love the Gustto, very unique
  7. I like the Gustto but I love the color of the Moni Moni.
  8. Of those three, my favorite is the Kooba, but in that price range, there are other styles that I prefer.
  9. i love the red color of the middle bag but its not my fav

    i think i love the gustto the most, i own a gustto and the leather is SO soft i mean its hard to describe how soft, i pet it sometimes when i am sitting holding the bag it just feels so nice!!! hehe

    I also own 2 koobas and i love them a lot but i am not sure how i feel about the new patent leather ones,,,, so gustto is my pic! :smile:
  10. I'm liking the Kooba :yes:
  11. Kooba all the way. I have eyed that bag actually, and just not sure about it being patent. Other than that I think you can't go wrong with Kooba.
  12. kooba gets my vote! good luck with your decision!
  13. I love the Kooba Parker!
  14. Do you already have a red bag? If not, you should go with the Moni. It's fabulous.
  15. I like the middle one most, the colour is so nice