help me which bag is the best one?

  1. So I just got a new "toy", a Canon Rebel XTi and now I have a problem. I want to have a bag where I can carry my camera plus one lens or two. I'm trying not use an actual camera bag since they look blah.
    I can put the camera in separate ziploc like bag before putting in into another bag to avoid scratches. I'm planning to put my other stuff it in to like my purse, cell phone, iPod, tissue, my little ziploc bag containing makeup and stuff. So... which bag from LV is the best one for this other bag?
    I need something durable and can be hang on my shoulder. The only thing that came to my mind is monogram BH. Since you're all LV experts here, I'm wondering if you any other suggestions. The bags needs to have some width at the base.

  2. Have you considered an actual camera bag like the Trocadero?

    I also suggest the Cabas Piano?
  3. I think the Hampstead has a little more structure than mono bags and has a really wide base.
  4. I like your idea John, the trocadero
  5. I'm a big fan of the Reporter :yes:
  6. Ooohh... yeah the Reporter is a perfect bag!!! Great suggestion, VO! :yes:
  7. Roger that on the Reporter, it will be perfect for you needs.
  8. What about a Noe? lots of room it gets bigger when you have more inside and you can make it smaller when you don't have alot in it. Plus it hangs on the shoulder and you have Tons of colors you can choose from. I Vote Noe! heh...... Especially cause it's my dream bag.:p
  9. the saleya will have a nice wide bottom to fit the XTi. or the hampstead as rileygirl mentioned. the reporter is a great one i think too.

    i have the same camera and put it into my LVs all the time but if you're going to carry a couple of extra lenses and's gonna get heavy.
  10. Ohhh and I just read your wishlist for a white Noe! What a better time to get something from your wishlist for spring and get a bag to carry your camera and other items.... I think your Noe is calling you and having me be the person to tell you... LOL!:nuts:
  11. KK last post in here for a few.... but thought I should say if a Noe was designed to carry wine, which can be heavy, then it should easily be able to carry your camera and all your other essentials.:love:
  12. Can someone post pictures of Trocadero and Reporter?

  13. LOL... I do want the MC Noe... but I think it's gonna get dirty so fast if I use it too often =P... but I'm still planning to get it.. one day.... =P Maybe whenever I get to Paris :confused1: