Help Me..Where should I go for a break??

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  1. So I haven't had a holiday in 2 years + this year. There were no plans to go away this year (it's a long story as to why not) but anyway I was chatting to my BF and he suggested a short 3 days break, that would be so great I really need a break I'm mentally tired (& sick of the routine)

    So my question is where do we go?

    We're in the UK I don't want a UK break, he doesn't want to go to Europe. Travelling is not a problem but obviously timeframe is i.e Australia, Asia is out because it's just too long a flight.

    Places we've discussed so far are:-
    Vegas - love love love it but it's a bit too expensive for 3 days
    New York - love it but think we'd prefer somewhere hotter (we are looking at going November)
    Miami - love Miami but 3 days in Miami I may just refuse to leave I love it
    Los Angeles - there is a Murakami exhibition on and we can do some retail therapy also BF has been thinking about getting a tattoo and Kat Von D from Miami Ink now works in LA I think he'd like her to do the work (but that's not a real reason to go to LA)

    Any suggestions guys it needs to some where pretty easy to get to i.e a major city LA is a 13 hour flight so like I said travel is no problem

    thank you in advance :heart:
  2. If he doesn't want to visit anywhere in Europe, how about taking a trip to Dubai or Doha. Bart has been to both and says that they are both lovely.

    LA wouldn't be bad, but the long flight really puts me off. I remember flying from LAX to Frankfurt as a kid, and it was awful!
  3. Miami. No ifs, ands or buts!!
  4. I went to dubai in June and even though there was a lot of construction work going on, it was a lovely break! I would go to Miami or Las Vegas!!! Good luck deciding!x
  5. I would chose Vegas, Miami, or LA.

    NY has just too much to see and not enough time within 3 days.

    Miami you can relax. LA you can SHOP! :smile: and Vegas you can just party! It depends on what you want out of the places you go! :smile:

    Either way you've got some really good choices here!
  6. Have you done a cruise? Have to add that in since its my passion and have done about 30 LOL -- you can go out of New York, LA, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and visit the Caribbean, Alaska (from Seattle or Vancouver), Mexico, Hawaii, Panama Canal, South America .. Canadian Maritimes from New York or Montreal :smile: .. Montreal and Quebec are great destinations as well.
  7. I think a cruise would be good but it's something I'd rather spend a bit more time on like 1-2 weeks I'll only have a few days which kind of sucks but hey a breaks a break
  8. I think spending three days in Vegas is perfect. Hotels are not that expensive in Vegas, you can get some decent deals if you travel mid-week. Or you can stay off the strip, that will dramatically cut the cost.
  9. Vegas for sure....because in those 3 will have sooo much to do and see!!! Night life is a blast and the shopping is awesome as get it all really and without having to travel long distances or trying to find this and that attraction...its all there and within walking distances too....

    For LA, Miami, would be better to have more than a couple of days imo....sounds like you really need to get away....give us an update on the trip and have lots a fun!!!!!
  10. Vote for LA.

    LV exhibit...great shopping...need to set up appt for KAT way in advance though...

    Don't forget the great resturants that abound. Maybe a trip to Universal or Disney for some "play" time...Santa Monica pier
  11. hmmm...u cant go wrong with any of those places....!
    Vegas sounds like fun though,.....
  12. LA would be great! But you may wanna check out Kat Von D abit more. She's normally booked up months in advance plus she's only good at b&w art work not colour. If you check out some tattoo forums you can find more info there. I would love to have a tattoo done by Chris Garver! I also read a while back that she charged $500 a hour for her work and that was her rate before she even began working on Miami Ink. No idea at what she's charging now...She's good at what she does tho.

    Dubai is a good idea too!
  13. thanks guys

    ^ spangle - her black and white is amazing but colour not so hot I agree that works out though because he only wants black and white I found a guy in the UK that I think is just as good (if not better)

    It's not set yet but it's looking as if it'll be Miami, Vegas although I love it is £300 extra ($600) than Miami. LA & Miami are about the same price but Miami is winning purely because we've sent more time there so we kind of know the area so even though it's a short break we have a fair idea of where to go and won't waste time having to discover places (that'd be great I just need more time for that)
  14. Cool! It's so hard to find a good tattoo artists. I have done so much searching to find one in the UK.

    Mmmmm Miami sounds nice! Even better if you know the area it saves so much time!
  15. go to Los angeles, then you can always drive to vegas (only 4 hours away), i used to go for the weekend to vegas, it was so refreshing! in Los Angeles, there are many places to can go, if you're bored try santa barbara only 2 hours drive from LA, or Catalina island (a very cute island)