Help me- Where do I post this?


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
Here is your guide to navigating the BBag Forum :tup:

* Shopping

Is this bag Authentic?
Where can I find this bag?
How much does it cost?
What Stores are selling this bag?
What is in stock?

* Reference Library

How do I read my tag?
How can I tell what color bag I have?
What is the difference between the City and the PT?
How much do Balenciagas Cost?
  • Care & Maintenance
How do I moisturize?
Should I dye my bag?
Is this rubbing normal?
  • Color by Group
What does Blue Marine look like IRL?
What Reds were made?
  • Style Guide
What does the City look like?
What does a First look like?
  • Color by Season
What colors were released this season?
What seasons are there?​

* Clubhouse
Does anyone else have a charm?
Does anyone else like scarves on their bag?


Moving right along..
Jul 20, 2007
East Coast
I was just going to suggest this, hmwe46!:tup: Hopefully, new Bbager's will see this first before starting any new threads. :woot: