Help me-what to get my soon to be 6 year old son?

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  1. He turns 6 next Sunday and I honestly have no clue what to get him! He has so much! And, I usually have ideas-but, zippo this year!

    Any thoughts? Nothing expensive-he is getting a $400 ice skating party-so, the gift must be very reasonable.
  2. these hotweels race sets were a HUGE hit when i was a kid...i still think they're fun but i'm old now. hehe. Target : Hot Wheels Super O Race Set and legos. they seem to be generation-less and they've come with some really cool sets lately.

    when in doubt i buy nice books (although i'm the auntie not the mom). some hardcover shel silverstine or a nice chronicles of narnia set? you can read with him now and he can still enjoy them as he gets older.
  3. Hi there..My son just turned 6 and he is has everything too.but I found the one thing that he can't get enough of and you can't ever stop finding more of is John Deere tractor things..They have everything from loaders, trucks, even clothing....And he glows now as he is adding to the collection and all the family keeps adding too, so it is helping everyone out:smile:
    Hope this helps
  4. The money is cool! Keep the ideas coming ladies!
  5. This is cute:
    Etsy :: Crayon Caddy Scooby Doo


    Nishi, a quick (and sneaky :smile: ) way to get more ideas is to look at the forum on etsy (just type in "children's gifts" or something in Search). Have fun!
  6. Lincoln Logs...all of my kids have loved them, and I just bought some for my nephew, and my SIL says he plays with them every day! I love Lincoln Logs!!!
  7. Or a kids digital camera...then he can take his own pics at his party. I believe Fisher Price has one out for under $60 that has the display screen on the back.
  8. Anne.......That camera is a great idea.And they really last the toughness!!!!
  9. ^^^ I got my DD a Canon elph digital camera ($200) for her 5th birthday. Best buy ever! She is great at taking photos and video clips, has learnt to download them, and also prints them out herself. I got my 6 year old godson a Disney mix stick ($49.99) for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. Pirates Digital Mix Sticks MP3 Player

  10. Wow-that is a nice camera for a 5 year old!

    But, that mix stick thing looks cool. Is that like an Ipod? Can he download songs to it (I see it has songs on it already)? He really likes music-that might be the ticket.
  11. It's an mp3 player and you can download songs onto it which Ben does. One can also purchase Disney music (from the TV, Movie tunes, Cd's) already downloaded onto memory cards that can be inserted directly into the mix stick and played.

    I did get my daughter a 'kids' digital camera first. It was aweful. The Canon or a cheaper version (perhaps kodak ?) is a much better investment.

    Here are some less expenive camera Kodak EasyShare C330 Point & Shoot Zoom Digital Camera, 4.0 Megapixel, 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Digital Zoom (Without Dock) - Blister pack: Camera & Photo Canon PowerShot S100 2MP Digital ELPH Camera Kit w/ 2x Optical Zoom: Camera & Photo
  12. What about lego? My almost 9 year old still loves it and there's so much variety to pick from and it supports their fine motorical skills. A Star Wars lego ship will make every boys heart jump.