Help me! what to buy?

  1. Finaly, on august 5 i'm leaving to Rome and will be buying some lv goodies!
    The thing is, I don't know what to buy! I made a budget for about 500 euro's and this is what i'm thinking about

    Mono pochette+strap+MC white plat

    MC white pochette+strap

    MC black pochette+strap

    OR shoes (if i see some that i like, not really loving the ones shown on

    what would you do? and why? would a MC pochette look good with a longer strap (i don't like wearing pochettes on the shoulder)

  2. I love the mc black pochette. I say go for that one!
  3. Mono pochette+strap+MC white plat
  4. Mono pochette+strap+MC white plat

    i'm a sucker for mono!!!
  5. MC white pochette+strap
  6. get the mc white pochette!!
  7. I'd go with the white MC Pochette and strap.
  8. This is what I would do:

    MC black pochette+strap

    Yes, it looks amazing with a long strap. This bag is lovely casual to dressy and these pochettes hold a ton!
  9. My vote: MC black pochette+strap
  10. MC White Pouchette, beautiful & cute :smile:
  11. I had no idea I could take my strap off my Pochette and use that long strap with the clasps and make it a whole different bag.

    Get the White MC Pochette and strap you'll be happy with it, its like 2 bags in 1.