Help me! What should I do to clean my vachetta handle?


Oct 15, 2012
Hey ladies, first off I must apologize because there must be a thread somewhere on this topic already, I have the purseforum app on my phone and couldn't navigate it properly and decided to start a topic after several attempts.

I have never used any type of protection on my lv vachetta handles and they always seem to get dirty after a while. Most recently my Annie became dirty after coming in contact with a black leather jacket >:0 I was horrified when I saw the stain.

What can I do to remove this? Will baby wipes leave my vachetta leather darker due to the wetness? How can I lift the stain off of this and still preserve the sheen? And also do u girls use a spray to prevent this kind of staining? Thanks in advance for ur advice :smile: :smile:



Sep 23, 2013
I used Lovin' My Bags on a preowned LV Galliera's vachetta handle -- there was a black stain from the hardware. It seemed to work pretty well. I really like the Vachetta Cleanser. It does kind of dry up the vachetta, but I follow it with the protector and conditioner and the results are pretty good, IMO.