help me, what is the name of this bag?

  1. hi...
    i saw this bag on the display of a secondhandbag shop last week. the shop was closed at that moment.
    i called the next morning, and it's sold already. i like the bag so much.
    never seen chanel like this before, can anyone tell me what the bag name is?
    or does anyone have it and willing to sell it to me?? please..please..please...:crybaby:
    chanel no 5.gif other view.gif
  2. Sorry, can't help you with the name of the bag. I've seen it before though. It's not something recent (within the past year).


    Here are the pictures again so they're easier for people to see.
  3. yes, my friend say it was from year 2002..but she didn't know the name as well.
    i found the bag also in the japanese web .jp, but it's all in japanese i couldn't understand. i dont know whether they can send it to my country. does any japanese here? would you please visit the web and help me?? thx so much...