help me... what does it look like??

  1. omg, i've been obsessing over the ali for quite some time now... and i FINALLY DID IT!! lol... i finally purchased my first ali (note how i said first, meaning there will be more purchases made of the ali, lol!) in whiskey. i'm so nervous, i can't wait til it comes, lol! i know it'll be ridiculously beautiful and i can't wait to have her in my arms, haha! anyway, does anybody have any pics of them holding/carrying their ali?? i've never seen it in person (only in pics) and really would like to see what it looks like on other people (mainly for size comparison). I'm a little scared that it might be too big... BUT, who said having a bag too big was a bad thing, right???

    oh gosh, i'm so excited, lol!! i haven't even gotten my whiskey one and i already want one in white. :biggrin:
  2. congrats!!! can't wait to see it...all these ali's around really make me want one!!
  3. congrats!!
    my ALI is arriving tomorrow and im having
    sleepless night tonight!:wlae:
  4. Let me take this opportunity [​IMG]
    Sorry no modelling pics, my arm is way to fat for internet pictures right now lol !
  5. ^^i love her!! she looks so pretty all dressed up!
  6. I was trying to post a modeling pic for you but photobucket is doing maintenance right now.. when I can get back on I will post one! :tup:
  7. Here's my new whiskey're going to love it!!! Just for reference, I'm 5' and fairly petite. It is a fairly large bag on me, but not overwhelmingly so. I must love it - I just won a black one to go with my whiskey!!
    ali model 001.jpg conditioned ali fish 001.jpg
  8. l_nadia_k - i can totally relate, except i don't know when mine is going to arrive... :sad: so talk about a sleepless week, lol.

    Mrs. MC - your ali looks absolutely stunning all dressed up. i have that same scarf, and the first thing i though about when i purchased my ali was "gaw, my sig/stripe scarf would look gorgeous on this bag" lol.

    fieldsinspring - thank you so so much for your help... i'll be waiting for the pics, lol! :biggrin:

    donnalynn - your whiskey bag is magnificent! i was afraid the bag was going to over power me, but i'm slightly taller than you (and slightly larger than petite, lol) and it looks amazing on you. so, i don't think it'll be a problem. :smile: oh, and it looks cute dressed down and dressed up, lol. very versatile bag, indeed. yess!!
  9. I'm impatiently waiting mine as well. I love big bags, I'm only 5'3" but I have plenty of extra "goodness" so I'm doubting it'll overpower me lol.

    Congrats on your first purchase...I'm loving the white Ali but she intimidates me lol.
  10. I have it in white and I had Ali in Black/Khaki Signature and I briefly had one in Natural.

    Here is my white one and my Khaki/Black one..

    This makes me want my khaki/black one back:push::sad:
  11. ok, sorry for the delay.. as promised her is mine.. not the best pic, sorry! I am 5'10" and 160 :p
  12. Everyone's Ali is lovely. I can't wait to get mine too! Hopefully by Thursday.
  13. I also have a whiskey Ali. Can't say enough good things about this bag. I love, love, love her. Congrats on your new baby! Enjoy. :tender:
  14. You're white one is so all need to quit before I'm tempted to get that one too!!!