Help me Welcome my New Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. :love:I just looked at him and knew he needed me as much as I needed him. Due to a freak genetic experiment gone horribly wrong he has been left with many medical needs, no one would step up to the plate and care for this little soul.

    I love him. Mr. Meaty. I do however need to buy him some clothes as he is a little odd looking. I love him. I slept with him last night and although his snoring and twitches kept me awake that face gave me the pleasure of loving him more.

    Pics to come........
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Is is so ugly he is kind of cute. Does he smell?
  4. Thanks Jamie, yes he does have a peculiar smell but I have found that if i rub deodorant all over his body (except for the hair on his back) he has more of a pleasant smell.
  5. Wow I am not feeling much love. This is probably why he sat in the shelter for 3 months. :sad:
  6. So, uh, um, well..let's see. Uh, do you, I mean, have you, I mean, does he..well. you know?
  7. Irish the the heck are you talking about??
  8. Wow, S, he looks kind of like my mother-in-law. Except better looking than my MIL. How did he get his name? :graucho:
  9. Oh Selena, I think you know. Does he sleep in the bed with you?
  10. OMG Mr. Meaty found a cheetoh in the pantry and started choking on it. Its like having a baby in the house again. He started gagging and his eyes were bulging. I totally freaked out, I had to put my finger down his throat to get the cheetoh out. I might have to lock him up tonight in the bathroom but he keeps turning on the water and splashes all over the place.

  11. He slept with me and my husband last night, we just got him. But I think he has sleep apnea. My husband says NO MORE and I have to put him in the bathroom tonight but I am thinkign I will smuggle him back in bed after DH goes to sleep. If I could only get Mr. Meaty to stop gasping for air DH wouldnt know.
  12. Oh you could get him fitted for a C-PAP device. I had to do that with a monkey once.
  13. Uh, what is he, exactly? I mean besides my MIL's twin.
  14. congrats.

    oh, and is that a tail, or - uh, something else?
  15. ^^ :roflmfao: I was wondering the same thing....