Help Me Wear my Scarf

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  1. Ok so I'm a dork. I have a funeral today and I'd like to wear a scarf but I have no idea HOW. I'm pretty petite so wearing it in any way around my neck seems just too much, but it won't stay in my hair as a headband either.

    I remember someone posted a link to a site with various ways of wearing scarves but I couldn't find it in the search, does anyone remember that link or have ideas on what I can do? This is a skinny scarf, long enough for a belt (not Coach though *gasp*, but I WILL be getting some Coach in the future). Consider this research, lol.

  2. I don't know of anyway you can wear it besides on your head or neck. If it fits you as a belt you MUST be petite lol ! Maybe you could tie it onto your bag ? I saw a SA at Coach tie one around her neck, then tuck it into her top so just the edges showed. It was cute ! Sorry you have to go to a funeral : (
  3. The only way I am comfortable with a scarf is to tie it around a ponytail! I have always been scarf-impaired. :rolleyes:

    I thought had a page that showed how to wear a scarf in many ways but I can't find it on the website... maybe it was a booklet?

    Wish I were more help! Sorry about the funeral...
  4. I mostly wear mine around my ponytail - or on my bags.
  5. good luck
  6. I agree with PP, what if you just pulled your hair back in a ponytail and tied it around your ponytail?

    I just did a google search and this one came up. In the blue box at the bottom there are a bunch of links to ways listed.

    Here's another one:


    The Hermes one is still there. Go to, click on whatever country you're in. Then at the top of the next page click on "Women" then at the left of the next page click on "scarves" then at the right of the next page click on "playtime with your scarves" and you can download a pdf of their book.
  8. Thanks for posting this question! I, too, have been flummoxed about how to wear a scarf. I think the Coach ones are just gorgeous and keep buying them, but had absolutely no idea what to do with them. I also have one that was my grandmothers that it would be nice to wear. You asking, forced me to go look for myself and now I have lots of ideas. I'll have to start breaking them out I think!

    Sorry to hear you're going to a funeral. Please let us know whichever way you decide to wear yours!
  9. ditto! :yes:Thank you! sometimes I like to wear them all the way around my head - kind of a hippie style babushka. hahaa, some poeple laugh, but I love it!!