Help me wear my new MbMJ shoes!!:)

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  1. [​IMG]
    I just got these in tan for.......$19!!! NMLC rocks!!!:yahoo:

    Now what would u wear these style shoes with????
  2. These are super cute :okay: and I think you could wear a lot of different things with them: dark wash skinny jeans, a white v-neck tee and a scarf; a floral print dress (above the knee or mini) with a solid menswear vest; or even wide-leg jeans and a cute fitted blouse!

    Whatever you wear with them, make sure you don't have to walk very far in them - all of MJ heels are lovely, and they're all horridly uncomfortable :sad:

  3. How about shorts?? I think they'd look very cute with denim shorts, a flowy top/t-shirt, a pair of hot sunnies and a great bag ;)

    They're super cute! Great deal too!
  4. Thanks guys. I actually have some other MbMJ shoes and i find them really comfy! hmm....
    I should as always mention that I only wear below the knee skirts but i like the idea of a floral dress and vest.

    I'm definitely not used to wearing 4 inch heels though- oh well I'll just have to tough it out!! :rolleyes:
  5. I saw those in the red color at NR and passed on them. They were only $25! I'm kicking myself now. They actually seemed like they would be comfortable, but since the sole is rubber, the shoe is kinda heavy. Super cute though and what a great deal!

    I think they will look cute with dresses. Enjoy!
  6. They're cute. I think you can wear them with practically anything cuz they can be dressed up or down.

    They don't look the same as the shoes in the video but a dress like Feist wears in her One Evening video would look so simple but hot.