Help me warm up a cold child this winter!!

  1. First, let me share that I am posting this thread with Meg's permission. I PMed her first to be sure that this was OK to do.

    Second, let me introduce myself! Some of you know me from different parts of the PF but mostly from the Coach forum. My name is Teena and I am a Pastor's wife living on an indian reservation in the Northeast corner of South Dakota. The reservation is called the Lake Traverse Reservation home of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate. They are the Dakota people which is a band of the Sioux nation. My dh started a ministry called Dakota Sonshine nearly 5 years ago which we use as a way to help meet some of the felt needs on the reservation as well as raise funds to develop a summer camp for those living in poverty on the reservation. Our ministry is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization. We have a board of directors which runs the business of the ministry as well as provides accountibility to the ministry and ourselves. The ministry is based out of South Carolina because that is where we lived before we moved to South Dakota to help the kids and families living here.

    Each winter for more than 7 years, before Dakota Sonshine even existed, we have collected coats or funds to buy coats for kids living here. Well over 1/2 of the children living here live in poverty or they live in homes where there is abuse or neglect on some level. There are many children that go without coats, hats, gloves and scarves each winter. We've handed out socks, shoes, blankets, sheets and towels as well. What is a common item in our own lives is a luxury in the lives of many of these people. This year we have about 100 Christmas gift boxes to hand out in 1 of the 10 housing areas plus we have dozens of coats to hand out but it isn't enough. The need is greater than ever yet our donations are down. We simply do not have enough to hand out to those in need.

    What we need are any of the following; new or used coats in excellent condition, new socks, hats, gloves and scarves. We could also use gift cards to Walmart or Target where we can purchase items that are needed or buy coats in sizes that we may need but didn't get donated. If you wish to make a financial donation (many individuals are looking for a tax break at this time of year so please consider us!) you may do so as well and will receive a contribution statement for your gift which is deductible on your 2007 taxes if postmarked by December 31st, 2007.

    Once donations come in and are handed out, I will commit to posting a new thread with pictures of kids getting their new coats! It's always exciting to see pictures of their smiling faces when they get something new!

    If you are interested in helping please email me and I will send you the appropriate instructions on how to donate. I will have a special email addy set up just for this project. (please see my next thread... I have to set it one up!) Also, check out our website for more of our story at It is outdated because we are such a small ministry that we do not have the resources to update the website nor do my dh and I possess the technical know how to do it ourselves! But it will give you the story of who we are!

    Thanks for listening to me and I hope you'll help me and my dh warm up a kid this winter! For more information or for instructions on making a donation email me at:

    Dakota Warm

  2. Teena:
    You know I am so there when it comes to children.
  3. Teena, please send me details on how to fund you for this. We are happy to help. You have my email address. Love ya girl:heart:
  4. Am amxr, you are such a doll! Thank you for being such a great person!

    Also, I want to be clear about the email addy. It's Dakota (space) Warm (space) Up @ PM me if for some reason you can't get the email to go through!
  5. Love you too, you know that! Ya'll are the best! :love:
  6. Teena,

    Every year here in NYC, my heart breaks at the reality of so many homeless men, women, children and families who have to endure the cold, snow, ice out on the streets. There are shelters, but they are filled to capacity, and it's the luck of the draw if you get to spend the night under a roof. Some of these men and women are older, or are veterans. Some are pregnant. But everyone is someone's mother, father, child, sister or brother. It tears me up that while we indulge in this time of gluttony and consumerism, so many don't know if they'll make it through the night.

    While I don't have the means to do much more, every year, I reach out to friends and family to donate hats, mittens/gloves and scarves. It's so little in the scheme of things, but if nothing else, it means staying a little warmer in the bitter cold of NYC. Some send me what they can, and some make monetary donations. Near the beginning of the year, I head down to the wholesale district here in NYC and make the most of my funds, purchasing as many hat/mitten/scarf sets as possible. I then take everything down to one of the shelters in Manhattan and pass them out. It's always the most gratifying feeling each year.

    Your mission resonates with me more than I can possibly say. Please PM me with instructions on how to make a donation. I wish there's more I can do to help.
  7. A wittle teeney bump for this great cause
  8. dear teena,

    i believe one of my dad's charitable organizations also contributes to this tribe each year.:yes:
    their request this year was for hooded sweatshirts for the children. my family is sending out over 700 for all the school age children later this week.:tup:
    i will find out the specifics of the tribe for you and pm you later. i would bet it is for the same families.....i'm there for you!:heart:
  9. Thanks, ladies!

    Mick, that's really cool!! I'd love to hear more about the tribe you're donating to!

    Fatefullotus, yes, it is heartbreaking to think of all the needs out there! We as one person can't change the world but we can make a difference for someone! And even a small difference can make all the difference in the world to one person!
  10. I'm with you, Teena--anything I can do, you've got it. Please PM or email me with info on donating.

    An interesting side note--one of my best friends (in Raleigh, NC) goes with her dh and a church group to Rosebud reservation every summer to do building, Christian outreach, etc., and she told me Betty Ford Center is planning to set up help for the alcohol problems of the residents and also the families affected by addiction.

    oops--just saw the email. I'll try that first.
  11. Thanks, Pat! You're so sweet!

    Yeah, the Rosebud and Pineridge Reservations are some of the worst as far as poverty etc. Where we are is a smaller reservation and it's an open rez so there is a mix of whites and native. There's lots of prejudice here too going both ways and my dh and I are in the midst of trying educate people about what really is prejudice. It's a slow process but it's working! There's also a lot of drug and alcohol addiction plus the poverty cycle continues. Anyway, you can't always change peoples circumstances but if you can change their minds it can change a life! Once the kids quit seeing themselves as worthless and without hope or a purpose, they feel like they can do anything! Every kid should feel like they can do anything!
  12. Teena:

    Please PM me where to send stuff! I have one jacket and I'll buy some gloves and socks.
  13. Sent you a PM voodoo! Thanks!!!
  14. Hi Teena

    Good luck with your wonderful project, please check your PMs.
  15. Thank you, passerby! You're a sweetheart!