Help me wait and have patience please !

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  1. I have 2 gift cards for Coach that I got for my birthday. I got them because I am going on vacation at the end of JULY where there are 2 outlets within driving distance from our hotel so when my dh and dad asked what I wanted for my bday I told them that I wanted Coach for the vacation. BUT now I am having a hard time waiting. I keep calling all of the outlets around here putting my name on lists for bags and stuff. I couldn't justify just buying one because I have bought about 4 since this time last year. Now that I have gift cards I am having a hard time controlling myself lol ! Would you be able to wait ? Thanks
  2. I know I would have a hard time waiting too! But just think about it this way, you will have MORE fun on your vacation because you can use your gift cards during it to shop! That way you will also have new stuff to use while you're on your vacation! You can do it, it's worth the wait!!!
  3. I wish you luck (in waiting). I don't think I would be able to wait until July. Nope, I definitely wouldn't be able to wait.
  4. JULY????

    Yea, I simply don't have the willpower.
  5. I wouldn't have the willpower to wait either...those puppies would be burning a hole in my pocket!!! But if you can hold off, you'd be better off b/c I'm sure you'll be spending lots of money on your vacation, it would be nice to have your Coach purchases covered! Put them in a ziploc bag with water and throw them in the freezer. People do this with credit cards, so it should work with gift cards, too, right?!
  6. Ive had a gift card "on hold" since December for when the pleated ergos come out. However, I've "supplemented" my Coach budget by ebaying a few bags/accessories to get a few ebay bags, and my husband just bought me my satchel when he got his car, so I'm kinda cheating. Try to hold out until you see a "oh my gosh I have to have it" bag - then at least it will be worth it if you spend them. or only spend some of the $$ on the cards.
  7. My advice too. :yes:
  8. It's great that you can't wait to go shopping but don't get too excited because if there isn't anything there you truly want then you will feel like you have to buy something because you have been building it up. I remember when I went to certain outlet malls on vacation that have higher end shops and not being able to wait and once I got there I felt like I needed to get something just to justify how much I built it up. Think of it as holding off until you go to see what's at the outlets but if they don't have anything then you can go to the boutiques (or an outlet if one is close to you). You are just prolonging the joy of :heart:shopping:heart:!
  9. I think you need to make a wishlist in order of what you want most. Pick that number one item and hold out for it.
  10. This is all great advice ! thank you
  11. NO I mean I am also saving a gift card for PCE... I hate it. I mean I see so many cute things that I want... But I am dying for a Chocolate Carly and with out the PCE I am going to have to spend about 90.00 ,with it like 5 dollars. So I am waiting for it then I can waste does 90.00 in accessories.. But the wait is killing me so much:cursing: But I know I am know if I wait It will be worth it. So hang in there... I am with you.
  12. I want a chocolate Carly too, that is on my call list if an outlet gets one in !
  13. Just think of the money you will save and the extra stuff you can get at the outlets as opposed to buying now!

    Just wait it out girl!
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