Help Me w/My V-Day Outfit!!(Pics)

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  1. Hey guys I seen these dresses online and I need your help really bad!!!

    The first one is this Dress I need help with the Accesories and Shoes:

    The second one is I was thinking about wearing this with a pink cardigan but I cant find one!! And I am stuck on Jewelry!!!

    And I was thinking about going casual and wearing these shirt dress with some Leggings and Boots!!!! But I am stuck on jewelry!!!

    Can't decide on the boots!!!!!


    Please help me with the Jewelry Guys Im stuck!!!!
  2. i like the shirt dress, leggings, and boots concept. the heeled boots will dress up the outfit. i have a pair just like those. can i ask what brand those are in the picture?
  3. I like the casual outfit idea as well, with a hot pink cardigan!! The other outfits are a bit loud so they're difficult to accessorize for..don't want too many things going on at once! The taller, scrunchier boots are nicer than the shorter ones. Jewelry...depends on if you like gold or silver...bangles, yes, necklace, yes, sparkly earrings, yes!
  4. I like the casual outfit too and love those boots :smile:
  5. I like the outfits but it will also help if you tell us where you are going/doing for your V-day!
  6. I like the casual look. Where is this shert from?
  7. I prefer the casual look over the dresses...
  8. I like the second one best! I agree J. Crew has cute ones. Also I think Express has nice ones that are on clearance for pretty cheap right if its not something you're gonna wear a lot so you don't want an expensive one :smile:
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  10. Thanks guys!!! I am going post a pic of the one i choose!!! Umm the shirt dress is from and the boots are from they are on sale for $24.00!! 0mg!!!