Help me w/ my first Chanel!

  1. I just bought my first Chanel yesterday... the Authenticate thread gave me the :tup: But since I'm a newbie to Chanel can someone help me out w/ ID'ing the bag? Name, Year, it's purple but does it have a more exotic name for the color, etc....??? Thanks so much!

  2. Sorry I have no idea !just wanted to say that it's a gorgeous bag and the colour'sTDF!Congrats!:tup:
  3. what is the # on the hologram inside? That will help us determine the year.
    Judging by the dustbag, it's probably from the 80-early 90's.
  4. Sorry, I'm no good with naming vintage bags but congrats!!!
  5. The # is 1337388

    Thanks for the help!!
  6. wow i cant help you out but just want to say thats a gorgeous bag!
  7. I have no idea but congrats on a stunning bag! :love::heart::love: