Help me use up my Saks EGC please~!


Nov 6, 2006
Hi I'm a tPF newbie and I am seeking some help from all you fashionistas.

I have about $530 worth of EGC from a recent Saks purchase & some left over credit.

I wanted to purchase something, either a bag or a wallet, from Saks but I have no idea what to get.

I actually purchased a LV Vernis zippy wallet in Violette a few days back but I was overwhelmed with buyer's I plan on returning this wallet and get something else.

Can anyone put some input into this situation? I am willing to shell out extra $200~300 if I really like the item but nothing more. This would leave me with anything within $530~$800 budget limit, more or less.

FYI, I live in northern NJ so I can go to either Riverside Sq Saks, Fifth Ave, or Short Hills.
Or I can purchase online.

(Does Saks carry Balenciaga? Their wallet seems like a feasible idea as well.....I'm so confused!!!)

Thanks in advance!! :smile:


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
Yes, Saks carries Balenciaga. They also carry Kooba & Botkier now.
Kooba Talia hobo $625