Help me use my birkin!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I recently purchased a 35cm blue jean swift birkin, and I love it to death!

    However, I am sooooo afraid to use it because of it's delicate leather and light color. Please tell me how wonderful it is to use it, and take away my fears of using such a beautiful bag. I'm just so nervous about taking it out, and it's too sad to have it sit in my closet. I am hoping to get a 30cm black togo birkin when I'm in Paris in January, but I want to use this one as well.

    Thanks so much in advance! =D I just need encouragement teehee!:love:
  2. Use it!
    That is what a spa is for!
  3. Yes, I feel the same way you do, May3545, about my H-bags.

    To get the ball rolling, I set a day to take the bag out. It's like an "appointment" for the bag -- it's required to turn up to the appointment. LOL (I can't believe I'm writing this...I've gone officially nuts!). Then I start taking it out two days in a row. Pretty soon, the precious-ness is gone!
  4. It's such a waste if you don't use the bag. Any scratches, wear or whatever acquired during that stage adds character to the bag ;).
  5. may3545 I know how you feel, I went through the same thing when I started using my orange swift birkin,the third time I used it,I scuffed one corner & I got dark denim color rub off on it. Fortunately, a trip to the spa & she came back cleaned & touched up almost as good as new. I carry her now with peace of mind knowing that the craftsman is not too far away, I just took her out with my DS to the H-store & McD! Just remember not to wear dark denim with light-colored birkins! Go rock your birkin!;)
  6. i'll use it for you!! hehe
  7. ^^ Me too. I'm next in line. :p
  8. Go for it! It doesn't do you any good sitting in the closet...
  9. C'mon May - you can do it :tup:

    No point having that beauty if it doesn't make it out of the house :nogood:
  10. I felt worried about my bags at first too. But they cost so much, you HAVE to use them, right? I do wish I had a craftsman store near me for little touch ups though.
  11. Use it because it is beautiful! Use it because it makes you happy!

    Sometimes,when I'm in sort of a down mood, I pick a bag and take it out for the day - it doesn't matter what I'm doing (picking up dry cleaning, meeting a friend, etc.) Just this Sunday, I took my MF fjord HAC nursing bra shopping - LOL! Doing things like this always puts a smile on my face. I've also found that the more I do it, the more comfortable I become using my more delicate pieces. Maybe that will work for you?

    Ultimately, you have a gorgeous Hermes piece that needs to get out and "breathe"! Enjoy it!!!
  12. Just use it... I don't feel Swift is too delicate... I have a Swift Kelly and if I notice a tiny scratch I rub it and it is gone....
  13. may, don't be afraid to use your bag. As long as you take good care of it, it'll be as good as new. :smile: And if accidents do happen, as elizabeth said, that's what the spa is for. :smile:
  14. Just take her out and enjoy her, it will get better after you take her out a few times.
  15. Righto!

    May I also impress upon you that your lovely swift needs to be aired? Depending on the humidity or dryness of your wardrobe, if you leave your gorgeous birkin alone in its box too long, swift will turn somewhat rubbery or show cracks. There you go ... are you convinced now that the best thing to do is to use it?:roflmfao:

    PS: Regarding Paris in Jan ... you might want to postpone this to Feb or Mar. The mothership in Jan is no fun. Birkin drought after Xmas.