Help me understand what I am doing wrong to my Delightful

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  1. I have had it for a couple months, and have been sparingly carrying her on only days with good weather, luckily bay area weather has been great, despite all that, there are dark marks on the upper trim.

    can this be removed? or prevented from happening further?

    its not noticeable from afar, but I can see it, and thats what matters right :P
    Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 6.09.52 PM.png
  2. That happened yo my galliera, it happens where my arm/elbow rubs when I put it on and take it off. The only way to prevent it is to use your other arm to put it on and take it off without rubbing against you but that's wicked annoying.
  3. My Delightful MM has the same marks...i think from rubbing with clothes/skin. Did you try cleaning it with a clean white eraser? Be gentle and work on a small area first. If it works then clean up the rest. Goodluck.
  4. It does look like it was rubbed again something...Now that is freaking me out as I just bought one today!

  5. errgh, probably right, and I haven't worn it with anything sleeveless! or when I have self tanner on.

    I shall attempt the eraser trick and hope it also sort of fades as the leather patinas.
  6. color transfer from dark clothing maybe?
  7. I'd suggest using the lovin my bags cleaner and protector. I treated mine shortly after getting my galliera and so far I don't have any of these marks and I wear darker clothes. It's really helped with the color transfer on the leather.
  8. I have the same bag and a little discoloration as well. Like others said probably due to friction and or color transfer. Once it has a nice patina it will probably be less noticeable if at all :smile: That's what I keep telling myself. You're right.... it's hardly noticeable, but I understand how it may bug you.
  9. Looks familiar. Happened on my Delightful its color transfer from clothing as well as I noticed it worse when I used certain fabric softeners on my clothes.
  10. Unfortunately, I think it's inevitable. Anytime you reach in to grab something, your fingers, hand, wrist, arm will probably come in contact with and rub against the trim. Doesn't matter if you have moisturizer, tanner, etc., or not. I think just your natural skin oils will show up on the surface of new vachetta.
  11. +1
  12. I just bought the delightful Pm three weeks ago and have been using it for 2 weeks. I'm so freaked out that my vachetta looks like this. I want to use my delightful as an everyday bag but with this on it! Not sure I want to anymore :sad:
  13. Do you have a picture?
  14. This will most likely blend in as the leather Starts to patina. It is only noticeable now because the leather is light. Try not to worry and enjoy your bag.:smile:
  15. it is the regular use signs