Help me understand the "open bag" thing...

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  1. I love the way that the Petite bucket looks...But the fact that it doesn't zip would drive me crazy!:lol: Still, I notice that many of you love the bucket bags, For those of you who prefer an open bag, how do you keep your items secure? Is your wallet just sitting in there looking out, or do you hide it under other stuff?
  2. The bucket also comes with a mini pochette so you can store stuff that you're feeling iffy about leaving out in there.

    But I agree on the whole open bag thing, it would creep me out !
  3. I don't feel secure with open top I rarely use them :sad: My mom is the same way, she has a bucket that she's only used twice in the past 2 years.

    I'd suggest hiding your wallet under other stuff or using a big drawstring bag (maybe a dustbag? or those Sephora holiday gift bags?) to hold together all the contents within your bag :smile:
  4. Yep My mom has the Damier version of bucket she doesn't use it that much either. .... Especially when u r traveling..... she tends to manage some stuff falling off her Bag
  5. That's what I was thinking, too; I'd have to do the bag-within-a-bag thing. Still, I love the way that Petite Bucket looks (obsessing over it more and more)...But that's a lot of money for no zipper or magnetic closure!
  6. I use mine all the time- it was my first LV and I love it, and the way I carry it, my arm manages to compress the top of the bag so that nothing falls out or is at risk of getting stolen. I also keep my wallet towards the bottom of the bag. I've never had any problems (aside from jealous stares from people who can tell it's real!) and I don't think the open top is enough to keep me from using it- quite the opposite, really.
  7. I actually prefer the open top bags. I love being able to just reach in and grab my stuff. I don't understand the apprehension to own one. My bag is either always on my shoulder, in my hand, or next to me in the car.

    Here's a few of my favorite open top bags. Shoot - my pics were too big. How do I resize them smaller?
  8. Oooh I do like the le fab, and the charms bag ! ;)
  9. What I do is put my cosmetics in the pouch and put my wallet, sunglasses, etc. deep down in the bag with the pouch on the top. The Petit Bucket isn't that big, and I've never had a problem with anything falling out. And it's pretty well stuffed once I get everything into it, so it would be difficult for someone to reach in there and grab my wallet without my being aware. That said, I do use bags that close on top for travel (Speedy, Burberry tote that zips). Airports are a bit more iffy than just wandering around the mall.
  10. I can't see the bags, the pics aren't big enough:P
  11. Be quiet Tammy! I don't know how to make them smaller.:shame:
  12. i have a petite bucket and i love it. the open top doesn't really bother me much. it's not like i leave my bag around just anywhere for people to look in it or anything. i usually have my wallet at the very bottom of the bag. a purseket would work great for the bucket. i wonder why i haven't thought about getting one till now. duh me!
  13. You can email them to me and I'll resize them if you'd like. selphie at rogers dot com
  14. I don't mind open top bags.. in fact even if a bag has a zipper, I don't zip it up! Easy access for when I have to reach in to grab my chapstick! I guess I trust my surroundings enough!
  15. I never thought about it either. I have closed top and open top bags and it never bothered me. Nothing ever fell out either. I usually go for bigger sized bags so they're deeper.