Help me understand the B-bag craze?

  1. One more time. Please explain to me what is the craze about these handbags, before I take the plunge. Also I have noticed their are a lot of ink bag fans, why?
  2. Janice, I am not really sure that it can be explained without you first seeing the bags. I know it's cliqued, but the pictures just don't do the girls justice. You have to stand in front of the display, and see the vibrance of the colours, feel the softness of the leather, look at the craftsmanship, see the wind blow the tassles as you carry the bag, the smooshiness as you hug the bag. :smile:

    It is all of the above things and I am not sure that it can be explained, but I have tried.

    I wish you well, and hope you take the plunge. It may very well be the nicest handbag you every purchase.

  3. i agree with everything bridget said. i'm assuming that if you have to ask, you've never held one in real life before. you have to experience the bag for yourself. the leather is buttery soft, light weight, and durable. they come in beautiful colors and flattering styles. ink is an awesome color and well-loved for its versatility. the color can appear dark blue, purple, and black in different lightings.

    eta: i wanted to add that... i own a stam, a muse, few LVs, chanel, gucci, prada... and much rather carry my bbags!
  4. i ditto everything that bridget and esile have said. i used to be a huge fan of LV and other designer bags, but honestly, ever since i was converted to b bags, i hardly carry anything else other than my b bags. there's something about how durable, lightweight (very important factor for me!), and how they go with almost everything. i :heart: b bags.
  5. I love Bbags for a number of reasons:
    (1) fabulous colors
    (2) great styles
    (3) they are feather light
    (4) they are unique
    (5) they are not super expensive
    (6) the leather gets better with age/wear
  6. Ditto everything Kat said! :cool: Especially the colors :heart:
  7. i have been collecting since 2001-2002. once you have been "balified" there is no turning back.... i try other brands, but bal is my home girl! as for ink, that is a personal preference, but i think the fact the color changes so much in different lighting is big draw. my personal favorite is bazooka pink, an older color. but some PFers go crazzzy for apple green. and to add to the obsession, your bal tastes in terms of size preference and colors is constantly evolving so you end up wanting everything!! right girls?
  8. Janice- I got so hooked on Bbags from this forum. I kept reading the posts and looking at the bbags everyone had posted. I ran to Barney's to view them in person. I looked at all the styles to see what I liked best for me. I always only bought shoulder bags and would never carry any hand held bags on UNTIL I came across Balenciaga bags! They are so light weight- which was a big selling point for me personally! Next was the super soft leather and the complete look of the bag! I love the long tassels!!! There are so many fantastic colors to choose from. I love that they get softer the more you use them. I was a huge LV fan until I discovered the beautiful bbags!!!
  9. I'll tell ya, I thought haveing just one would satisy me, but now these are the colors in my collection and I can finally say I am satisfied! My Bbag babies include:
    06' ink City
    05' apple city
    05' indigo twiggy
    05' magenta first!! I am one happy girl! Good luck to you and your beautiful color quest. Its so fun.
  10. The leather is EXTREMELY soft. The styles are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down (depending on the color, I got black). The style is unique. They are worth the money. LV bags cost lots of money for canvas (coated cotton) and calfskin accents. Balenciaga bags are made ENTIRELY of kidskin (baby goat skin) leather, and destressed individually so each bag, even those of the same color, are unique onto its owner. I just love that. Don't get me wrong, I love my LV's, but when I look at my LV's and I look at my Balenciaga - the materials on the Balenciaga are just worth so much more - so you really get what you pay for, you're not just paying for the name.

    Also, ink is popular, IMO, because it is such an interesting color! It's sort of purple, sort of blue, sort of black - and can pass for all three! So you're getting three colors in one! I wanted an ink city badly, but having a black one kind of defeated the purpose for me :sad:

    HTH :smile:
  11. Ditto to everything that has been said! As far as ink goes, it is the most amazing, rich color IRL! I literally changes colors depending on the light- from dark blue, to purple, to black! Total chameloen! And it goes with just about everything!
  12. Well said chaussurewhore!!!:biggrin:

    I'm curious what does bazooka pink look like? Do you have a photo? Sounds so nice!!!
  13. I agree with everyone else. You really have to feel one in your hands to understand. Carrying a b-bag just makes me feel fabulous, no matter what I am wearing or what else is going on.

    As far as ink goes....again, you have to see it in person. It changes colors depending on the light it is in, it is so unique. And for me personally, I don't think I could pull off carrying an apple green or red bag although I think they are gorgeous on other people. Ink is a color that allows me to be unique and "wild" and yet still matches my outfits and doesn't scream out at people. I have a Box bag in caramel and I absolutely adore it, but it is very neutral and mild compared to the ink.
  14. bazooka pink looks just like the color of the bubblegum. i have got to take pix of my ever changing, ever growing bal collection . i dont own a camera, and will borrow one to photograph my bal collection very soon. i walk around with a zillion bal bags and $700 christian louboutin shoes, (off topic,,but my other weakness):smile: and no freaking camera!!! no wonder , all my money goes to bal and shoes and not electronics...ok, i will get camera!:yes:
  15. Oh go get a camera!!! I'd love to see your collection!!! I have the bubblegum pink and love it! I'm so excited to see the bazooka pink!!!