Help Me too...Legacy Girls

  1. I just got a sig/khaki/white shoulder from my husband as a gift...LOVE IT. Anyways, I wanted ONE all leather Legacy too. SO, I order the Shoulder in pond and Ali in whiskey. I love them both, but I can't keep them both.

    HELP...Which one would you keep?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I love the Pond....I have the Whiskey in the Legacy Shoulder Zip, But there is something about the pond that I really like
  3. If you already have enough brown bags, then keep the pond! It's beautiful!
  4. Pond - I :heart: that color!
  5. Hmmm... I would say decide after you can try on both types and see what feels best...

    I would say keeping the khaki signature & the pond would be a great combination, since you would have one colored and one from the brown family... More variation there... Good luck!!:yes:
  6. Based on shape, ALI! I saw it in the celebrity thread on hayden, and wish it looked as good on me! But it looked too out of place on me.
  7. Definitely the pond!
  8. I say POND but which colors do you tend to wear more of?
  9. i say ali in whiskey since you already have a shoulder!
  10. My vote is for the shoulder bag in pond. That's on my wishlist too.
  11. The POND has the most votes from the Coach girls...that funny the guys in my office love the whiskey Ali.
  12. The Pond! It's just beautiful.
  13. Another vote for pond . . . from a very biased voter (I have one - it's my favorite bag at the moment)!
  14. I'd pick the whiskey Ali but that's just me. The pond wouldn't go with anything in my wardrobe, plus it seems like more of a spring/summer bag while the whiskey can go year-round. And, since you've already got a shoulder bag, the Ali would be a nice change.
  15. I agree with Sialia....