help me to vote ladies...

  1. am confuse of which one to get.
    've got my name on the queue for both bags..
    miu miu coffer or miu miu patchwork?

    TIA ;)
  2. Coffer, definitely. Patchwork just has too much going on.
  3. I go with the coffer.
  4. Coffer!! In any colors, all beautiful.
  5. Another vote for Coffer.
  6. coffer coffer all the way!!!!
  7. As many Coffers as your wallet will allow!!!!!!!!!
  8. thanks ladies.. :smile:
    so far all of u voted for coffer. and my heart also pounds more to coffer :p
    coffer rule!! hehehe

    now hard to decide which colour to get. i love the camel color but then.. most of my bags are tan color..

    how bout plum? or ivory?
  9. I vote Coffer as well, and im going to say plum. Even though the plum isnt very plum in real life. Its more a of a brown-mahogany color. Still pretty though.