Help me to verify this color

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  1. Hello Ladies..Happy Thanksgiving..

    I ordered INK Work and I got it yesterday afternoon..I was looking at it and this morning while baking ham in the oven thought hmm this looks blueberry I try to see bit of purple color in day light but what I see is blue :cry: .. never seen blueberry or ink color IRL..So Help me please~:confused1:
    IMG_2937.JPG IMG_2939.JPG
  2. That's definitely blueberry. Where did you order it from?
  3. I ordered from NM VA Karey Helped me and actually they did not have this bag so he had to locate this bag from other stores and found this bag in SS NJ and directly shipped out from that location..:cry:
    Karey was nice but wrong color~~OH my GOD~~~ I think I just have bad luck with NM
  4. The same thing has happened to me with NM. 2 times I have tried to locate a black city, and 2 times I have been sent a black Parttime. I give up on getting the black city unless I get it in person!
  5. Yes, definitely blueberry. Sorry!
  6. It's gorgeous, though.
  7. lulu. i like the color. its yummy.:heart:
  8. I hate to tell you but i like the Blueberry better than the Ink in Work size. It looks gorgeous.;)
  9. Thanks ladies~~ OMG I'm going to freak out here even though color is pretty but I wanted INK ..
    Last time I watied over a month (special order)and lost package 2 times and finally got my bag..haha It was BI part time..SA told me it is Turquoise 07 City..:mad:
  10. Wow, thats some bad luck with ordering... Personally I like the blueberry better too.. Such a pretty rich color. But it is you that has to live with it so I guess you should go raise hell! haha :rant:
  11. That's too bad!!! It's such a hassle when things like this happen. I love blueberry and ink. I don't think I could decide between them.
  12. oooh,,, it's a pretty blueberry...
    are u sure you wanted ink? :graucho:
  13. OMG, I love that color. I saw it IRL a couple of days ago and it is really stunning. I think you might be turning alot more heads with the blueberry. It's just destiny. Don't fret.;)