Help me to plan my DH big 50 birthday party

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  1. My husband is going to be the BIG 50 this month and I would like to plan something extra especiall for his birthday but I have no clue what to do and what to plan. I really want to give him a birthday party by inviting close family and friends. Maybe a little sort to invite family since they live in different state. My dh birthday is in 10 days.

    Any of you wonderful wife or anyone who have experience throwing a wonderful party for DH, could you please help me by giving me some ideas how and what best thing to do on Dh birthday? I am totaly clueless. :wacko:

    Oh..I don't want the party to be too big.

    I am open to any nice and fun ideas for party. Thanks a bunch guys!! I really need your help help me..

  2. What are his hobbies ?
  3. His like to deer hunting, he likes guns (sport shooting in range?), he like music..That the most I can think of beside reading, and play guitar.
  4. How about if I invite some of his close friends to a very nice restourant for dinner? But that's not very special though..sigh.
  5. :love: Take him out for dinner and then (because you've already packed for him) "kidnap" him...for a nice romantic weekend somewhere.
    The big 5-0 is a big deal!
  6. You could have a cake made or if you bake, in the shape of a guitar.
    and have a nice family & friends gathering at home or a restaurant.
  7. Kitskats, that's a super good idea!! and I still have time to arrange that! It's simple but sounds fantastic and romantic!:love:
    Thanks for your wonderful idea!
  8. That's a good idea too. I am not a baker but I know I have a friend who bake beautiful cakes! and I can order from her. I wish I could do the gathering at home but it's just too much things to do and to prepare since I don't really have much time to do it. But with alot of effort I may be able to do..but I would rather to have it in a restourant. I am going to think about this. Thanks for your great idea Prada!
  9. Some airports offer flying lessons where one person gets to go up with an instructor and learn to fly a plane--and even take over the controls for awhile. It's pretty neat. It would depend if your husband was into that, of course. (Just a thought.)
  10. A dinner w/ family and friends in Houston then 'kidnap' him for a romantic weekend getaway is a great idea! Have you tried Cafe Annie on Post Oak? Yummy! Then surprise him w/ a weekend trip.

    How about the wine country in Cali, Napa Valley to be exact. You could do the spa thing as a couple then just relax w/ some great wine and food. If you can get in, The French Laundry is a renown restaurant in Napa w/ TDF food!

    If you want a shorter plane ride, how about the Riviera Maya in Mex? It's so close to us that you could easily do a weekend trip. Keep us posted on what you plan to do for your dh. Good luck!
  11. I see that you are in Texas...Dallas area???If so, I used to work at a restaurant there, and we had a lady that baked cakes for us, and she was AMAZING!!! I bet she could do a great cake for you...and she is reasonable....she just bakes from home. If you would like I could try to get you her #. Also, my husband's 40th was last year, and I had a surprise party for him, and it went over really well....not original, but fun if it's actuallu a surprise.
  12. Just saw that you are in Houston....nix the cake plan!!!
  13. You guys thank you sooo much for your advices and wonderful ideas! You are so wonderful and I feel I have so many friend that cares! You guys are the best! You make me excited and thinking hard to plan and make a especiall event for my dh b'day.:biggrin:

    Actually I am thinking of inviting some of his family and friend to surprise him. I really wanted a surprise b'day party for him and I know IF I can bring his brothers and sister come to Houston that would be a huge surprise for him. I know his mom and sister would come def. but the challenge is his brothers. For some reasons we are not that close anymore. Although it is sad but it is the truth.:sad: Such a wonderful and respected family but it seems hollow from the inside. Sigh..and I love them and it seems no effort on their side!.

    Soo...maybe that's just my dream. :amazed:
  14. Get a small restauarant, close it down, make sure it fits your whole family, and no one else. Make is a surprise party. Get a band to play. Make personal invitiations.
  15. 3monkeys, I've heard about the CAfe Annie and yes that would be a great idea! I am thinking also a weekend trip to Austin in the hill area. There is Westin hotel resort (gosh I forgot the name) but that would be nice too! There he can play golf and one day he and I can do spa together!:love: Hmm..