Help me to pick ...please Eugenie or Alexandra

  1. Dear all,

    I am about to buy a wallet to match with my Neverfull MM bag. At first I thought the alexandra is a good one instead of all, but after I saw the eugenie monogram, I also fall in love with the unique buckle on the front . I tried to consider of alots of compartment on Alexandra and nice simple design. But on front look, a lots of fake LV made the wallet refer to this design instead of Eugenie:tdown:. Both same has CC slot as I wanted. Can any body help me to pick ? I need some of your suggestion:confused1:
  2. i prefer the eugenie. it's very pretty and chic!
  3. I just saw the Eugenie yesterday at the LV shop and I think it's so nice! The SA told me that a lot of people use it as a clutch bag. I just in love with this wallet and almost buy it.
  4. I'm plannign on buying the Eugenie. So I'da say pick the Eugenie!:yes:
    Very classy!
  5. Eugenie! I love this as it has tons of room for cards (10 slots I believe) plus a window for your ID card. Also as mentioned above it can be carried as a clutch, so versitale and cute! I also love the closure on the Eugenie, it makes it so elegant.
  6. I like the Eugenie..
  7. I say go for the Eugenie~ Very classy and elegant :tup:
  8. Eugenie by a landslide :dothewave:
  9. I like the Eugenie but would be concerned about scratching the buckle.
  10. Eugenie!
  11. Eugenie!!! i have recently purchased it and has been getting lots of compliments. About the buckle, i just try to take a little extra care but it's worth it imo. It has not shown any signs of usage but it might be due to the fact that i've got it for about one week now. It is such a beauty and it can fit tons. The only part that i mind is the bills slot but that's alright because i'm in :love: :yes:
  12. Eugenie! Eugenie! Eugenie! Eugenie! Eugenie! Eugenie! Eugenie! Eugenie!
  13. Eugenie. So classy.....
  14. eugenie.
  15. Eugenie!!! SO GORGEOUS!!!!! I want one myself, but I think I'll have to wait a bit for that.