Help me to pick out my x-mas gift please!

  1. I am starting to love COACH again. The other day after picking up my damier speedy from the LV mothership in fifth ave,on my way to the subway I stopped into the mothership COACH store:love: . Wow,everything was really pretty there, I loved the whole winter theme. I also saw the green ostrich sachel :drool: ,and I tried it on, its TDF!.Back to subject, I want to purchase a bag thats hands free. I tried on the signature duffel,the SA told me its great for me,but I feel its small on me. I am 5'8 ,and 129. In my bags I usually carry my cellphone,ipod,and candy:p . I will probably use this bag to go to the mall,to do some minor shopping in my area.It can also be a shoulder bag. I preffably want it to be slightly bigger than the signature small hobo. I also dont like any of the totes this season,and the Taffy so they can be excluded. I also dont like the signature stiched line,its abit out there for me. Any Ideas please?. Also if anyone of you guys own swing packs, please post pictures of what can fit inside.TIA:sweatdrop: