Help me to pick one from these three



  1. white MC Trouville

  2. WHITE MC priscilla

  3. mini lin ebene

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  1. [​IMG]

    I just decided i am going to get the mini lin ebene, but i saw some posts about the priscilla and trouville. I alway like multicolor lin, so now i don't know which one i have to choose. seems mini lin can be a everyday bag, but MC one are so pretty and durable, but not as comfortable to carry as mini lin,

    I am confused, sorry guys, please help me
  2. mini lin is SUPER comfy to carry as an everyday bag, but i just LOVE the priscilla! get both!
  3. Thanks!

    I just got the priscilla idea again from your post.

    when she first came out, I liked her, after a while i forgot about her. since your post, make me to remember her again.
  4. ^^^hehehe, i ended up with both! i got a mini lin ebene and i'm in the process of getting a black Priscilla...
  5. i have the white Trouville and it's one of my favorite bags. it's so pretty and feminine, and you don't see many of them running around on the streets
  6. I love the MC trouville; however, I just don't believe it is something someone my age can pull off...

    My vote is for the trouville. Good luck on your decision!
  7. I like the Priscilla
  8. I just got my black Priscilla and she is divine. The white Priscilla is very pretty too!
  9. I voted for priscilla ... so chic!
  10. It is a hard choice. :sad:
  11. I vote for the Priscilla!
  12. I am between trouville and priscilla.
  13. i really love the trouville in its simplicity but still has that pizazz of a MC bag! i especially LOVE the hardware along the side!!
  14. I love the Mini Lin. It makes such a great everyday bag.[​IMG]
  15. I personally like the mini lin. It's not to "loud" and would work better overall with a variety of outfits. Just my opinion.