help me to pick another LV purse please!

  1. allright, so these are what I own now:

    Mono Speedy 30
    Tulum Pm,
    Mono Papillon 30,
    Mono pochette accessories,
    Mono French Wallet.

    besides the bags from my wish list, I am also a bit into Popincourt Haut and Viva-Cite MM now, please help me to choose one.

    I really love the Pomme Bedford, Baggy pm, but just worried they dont hold up long. should I go baggy or stay in Mono?

  2. i like the Pomme d'Amour Bedford, and i think that should hold up pretty well because it's a dark color and it won't be so prone to color transfers as the light colors will. plus it's a beautiful color, and the shape is so cute too
  3. Baggy... esp. for summer!
  4. Thank you so much!!! I really love it, but I dont know if will get scratched easy and the zipper I tried at the store, it is sooo tight.. but I have to admit, I LOVE IT:rolleyes: !

    Thanks for your reply again:heart:
  5. Get a bit of vernis to add a pop of color to your collection!
  6. I have a lichen baggy pm and I love how it looks! I have the longer strap so I can also wear it across the body. I can hold lots of stuff and is so good for the summer!
  7. The Pomme color is so pretty so I vote for the Bedford!!
  8. I vote the speedy 30 or pochette.... but more leaning towards the speedy because it holds a lot more and isnt that much more $$.
  9. I think you should get a bag outside of mono... I LOVE the Baggy PM and the Pomme Bedford won't be around for much longer!
  10. I think you should add something in color! Either denim or vernis! For sure!:yes: Something fun for spring/summer months.
  11. baggy . summertime is here.
  12. Baggy PM vote here!
  13. Baggy or classic mono speedy 30 :smile:
  14. 1 vote for the Baggy PM here. :smile:
  15. Baggy PM definitely!