Help me to pick a perfect Spring and Summer bag!

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  1. I am still looking for a perfect bag for spring and summer. And I may be able to get it on my birthday. Maybe!:nuts: . But just in case I may get it.., here are a few that I think I may like beside the BV ball bag.
    What do you think? Which one you like better and why? I know I can count on you guys opinions! And I appreciate that! I am looking that a bag will looks elegant, classy, not rigid, and a bit more casual looking maybe. If you have suggestion let it out too! Many thanks guys!!:love: .
    A few selection of mine..are below:

    View attachment 2079

    View attachment 2080

    View attachment 2081
  2. i like the gucci best, the color is gorgeous. the other two seem a bit boring.
  3. I love the color of the the last one...very pretty!
  4. So, I like the gucci but, the color is year round to me, not specifically Spring/Summer.

    Out of the 3 you selected I like the first one. It says SS and seems to be functional while being compact.

    As of now the first bag gets my vote.
  5. I like the 2nd and 3rdo nes the best.
  6. first one!!!
  7. I'd go with the first one as well. That's a Ferragamo, yes?
  8. Here's the one I'm currently leaning toward:

  9. I want you to buy the Stella, pseub, so that you and I can be bag twins! Of the three that Sweetea posted, I like the third one best, the shape is cool and I love that color.
  10. this is what i'm lusting after at the moment:

    YSL Oversized satchel - $1295
  11. I like the ferragamo too! ....still like BV ball bag better but it's a totally different look. Which look do you want? Something more casual or something more dressy?
  12. Psueb, I like this very much - good choice, should you decide to go for it. BTW: we just got a grip of snow out here in CO; should be great for your upcoming ski trip to Beaver Creek.
  13. Gucci Gucci Gucci
  14. I love the Ferragamo!!!
  15. I like the Gucci (3rd bag) but white is "the" color for spring/summer this year. My vote would be 1st - Gucci because of the shape, 2nd the white bag simply because of the color.
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