Help me to pick a medium cabat


Which medium cabat should I get

  1. Brand new tourmaline vachette cabat

  2. Used tie dye medium cabat

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  1. Here's something to think about: if you could get the tie-dye Cabat new from the boutique now, would you? Or are you only considering it solely because it's currently available for the same price as the tourmaline (albeit with some scratches and used condition)?

    I know you already have a lilac Cabat that you love. I haven't seen any comments from you regarding either the tourmaline or tie-dye. It comes down to this, for me: pick the one you like better.

    Pretend that you're at the boutique, and that you try both of them on with one of your typical outfits. Don't think about which one is "better" or "a better deal." Which one simply appeals to you more?

    Pretend that one of them suddenly becomes unavailable, leaving you with only the remaining choice. Are you relieved that the decison-making is over, and happy with the one that remains? Or are you disappointed to be left with the one that remains?
  2. I think my concern is My main waredore has a lot of dark color like grey, navy and black. I don't have much brown and beige color clothes. I have a ebano large veneta. I dont even carry it that often. I am also expecting a second kid. I want to use the cabat as a diaper bag. I think vachette leather is more durable. That makes me want to get tourmaline cabat.
  3. Ladies, I have decided to take the tourmaline cabat. I love the tie dye cabat. But I think the tourmaline will match my wardrobe more since I dont have any black Bv bags. I think I can use this bag as my first black Bv bag.

    Thanks for all your helps.
  4. Sounds like an excellent choice based on what you wrote. Best wishes in expectation of your second child!
  5. Thank you so much. I just placed an order through phone. According to the Paris sales, that cabat price is going up 500 euro on May 9th. I think US will expect a price increase any time soon.
  6. congratulations , jieminyu , on both a new baby & a beautiful tote on the way ~

    ( Thank you for the good info ... prices have just been raised on at least some items in the US - eg, the Reissued Pyramid : $1,800 --> $2,500 )
  7. is the reissued pyramid really $2,500? that is a huge increase-
    the cabat is going up 500 euro's? wow-
  8. so does that mean we should assume all nappa med cabats will have price increase of 500 euros starting May 9th??? That's a hefty USD$620...!! wow...

    btw... great choice settling on the vachette tourmaline cabat! It's durable and with the dark color, more prone to dirt. You'll get lots of use from it! Enjoy...
  9. i also wonder when the price increase will be and how much-