Help me to not sound stupid....

  1. So I ordered the sig stripe tote in black/gunmetal, and 3 keyfobs, for PCE. No local Coach store so my parents got them for me at their local store. I unwrapped everything when my parents delivered them to me, and while the tote has it's brown satin dustbag, I really wanted a box for it as well. Also, the 3 fobs (skull, snowman, and snowflake) were just wrapped together in one sheet of tissue--no bags or boxes. I never buy from the boutique, but I was thinking at least the fobs would have boxes or pouches. Does that make sense? I store all my fobs and charms separately, and I don't like for them to be all smooshed up together:rolleyes:.

    So can I call the store and ask for them? I live 3.5 hours away from that particular store, but my parents are local and could pick them up. Or, do they really not give you any kind of storage at the boutique and am I going to sound really stupid asking for it??

    LOL, the dilemnas of a Coach Fanatic!
  2. I think they would give your parents some boxes. Maybe they should tell them that they forgot to mention they were gifts and they would like the boxes. I always ask for my stuff to be gift wrapped, I love the boxes!!
  3. hmm i know that when you buy something at the store to take home right away you have to specifically ask for a box if you want one. But ive never been mailed anything that didnt arrive in a nice coach box with the tissue paper and all. I would have your parents go back with the receipt and ask for the boxes- and request the tattersall boxes bc they are oh so pretty!!!
  4. Yes, I'd call and tell them that your parents mistakenly did not ask for boxes. The store should accommodate you. I'd even go so far as to ask for tattersall boxes.
  5. mmmm I want a tattersall box soooo badly... I am going to buy something just to be able to store it in the box :smile:

    At least, thats my excuse! haha
  6. Thanks ladies!! I called the store and the SA was awesome, told me to have my parents come in and just let them know what they bought and an SA would get the boxes for it. I am so excited now! LOL!
  7. My boutique gives me boxes for everything, so its a legitimate thing to be asking about. I'd just call and tell them you want them for storage purposes or something, I doubt it'd be a problem.