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  1. Okay ladies,

    It is me again going crazy :nuts: and I really need your help. I am interested in buying the teal blue spy bag listed on ebay. The starting bid is $2,598 and buy it now price is $2,599. The time left is 20 hours 19 minutes as I write this.

    I really in love with the bag and this bag is pretty hard to find. This bag was Fall and Winter 2005 collection and they were all gone.

    I really don't know anything about ebay and I need your opinions and advice about what you think about the seller (I know some of you are expert on ebay subject) and expert on spotting the fake.

    The Item number: 6841306765

    What should I do if I decide to buy this bag?

    Is this bag real and worth it? Should I buy it??

    Please help me ASAP!!! Love you guys..and I know I can count on you.:love:
  2. I don't know how to tell if a Spy bag is real, but it certainly is fabulous! If someone else can help you authenticate, I say go for it!
  3. does it have a guarenteed money back guarentee? ive never done shopping at ebay, but i think thats a good place to start.
  4. OT {off topic} where in TX are you? I'm in the DFW area.
  5. Pic from Ebay on from the item above.

    Swanky..I am in Houston area.
  6. it is:

    Teal bLue Spy 02.jpg
  7. It sure does look good. The seller has over 200 transactions and 100% feedback rating. They also state they will refund triple your money back if not authentic.

    I think you are good to go with this one!

    Good luck if you decide to buy it...It is a very pretty color!
  8. Oooohhhhh VERY IMPORTANT...
    IF you buy it, use paypal and use a credit card! That will protect YOU if something is wrong...
  9. Thanks puddin..
    I don't have paypal so I can only use the credit card! Do they only accept a specific type of payment like paypal? What do you mean that it will protect me if something is wrong? bleh..I never buy anything from ebay and I am a bit scared.
  10. Signing up for a Paypal account is super quick and easy - if you wanted to use Buy It Now to get the bag, you could easily set up a paypal account to pay for it in 5 min. And paypal does afford you with some protection on fraudulent auctions, though usually credit card companies offer similar protection. I've had to consult Paypal customer service a few times and they've always been super receptive and helpful. You can always contact the seller too to make sure that your intended method of payment is ok.
  11. Puddid thanks alot for checking into the item for me!!:biggrin: I really really appreciated it. I wanted this bag sooo badly and I have looking into this colour for a while and there it was but in ebay. I don't know how to bid and how much should I bid? Is that bag too expensive?? I needed to start bidding ..he he..I don't really want to bother my husband yet also I am afraid he will be object to it then I have to beg him lol:shame: :lol: .
  12. Wow it's gorgeous! HARD color to find! Good luck looks legit to me!
  13. Thanks Vanojr9!! What is the requirement to signing up on paypal and what the different between regular cc and paypal??? I probably will need my husband help to do this huh..since I am too scare to do it alone. Hmm I wonder what he is going to say:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: . I just bought 4 new bags recently including my dark brown spy which I love so much:love: :love: . I want this one though..
  14. Star Thanks!!! ohhh it is so good to see you here!!! I am a bit stress but very excited! I have to make a quick decision here... I don't know what to do!!!!:nuts: :nuts: .
  15. I think it is a very nice color, tho I don't know how to tell a real Fendi on Ebay but it looks good, good luck!