Help me to identify this bag

  1. I saw this Hermes bag in very similar shape as the shoulder birkin JPG but it made out of fabric with leather trimming.

    other difference is that it does not have a flap like the birkin but instead it has a snap button. no key and lock as well but apart from these differences everything looks exactly like the shoulder birkin.

    can someone let me know what is the name of this bag, price, color option and size????

    i went through the library reference but couldn't see it anywhere.

    thanks so much in advance
  2. I think it could be a Herbag Kabas.
  3. Hmm.. I'm no expert but the description reminds me of a Herbag. Only the Herbag looks more like a Kelly (if I remember well). Maybe this is some kind of variation? Let's hear from the other ladies!
  4. thanks ladies yes i think its the herbag.

    does anyone know what color size and price do they come into?