Help me to get ready for Marketing PhotoShoot

  1. OK,
    I'm on the silver express to opening my store, and wanted some ideas for a photo for my store/brand. I have one " coming pic: for a business card/flyer that's not difficult for me to make on my own, hopefully I can post that picture tomorrow.

    But I want to make the most of the half-day photo shot that will be the
    "official marketing material" and I just wanted to know images, outfits that would make the handbags/accessories stand out, but the clothing still be hip/chic w//out being busy (if that makes sense). Any suggestions (esp. the best types of jeans for girls with curves) would be appreciated.:idea:
  2. I love doing stuff like this! Can you give us an idea of the style of items you will be selling? Is is street-style? Classic? Funky? Will you have any models to work with, or are you just trying to display product on their own?

    There are also just a couple of things that I would suggest you have handy:

    - Plenty of newspaper or tissuepaper to stuff bags etc to make them stand up
    - Fishwire, to hand the handles of the handbags from
    - Polishing cloth and cleaner to make sure your accessories and metal bits and pieces are super shiny
  3. Thanks so much! I am using models-me:wlae:, but I may hire a few more. Think George foreman or Oprah as branding, and that's what I'm going for for the branding part.

    I can describe the bags I sell as eclectic, because women always say I have something for everyone. So, my store store should have a little edge and geared toward women who like make their own personal style-or try something different.