Help me to find this Marc tote ,pls.

  1. I really want to have a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. It has a Veruka screened on and word "Miss Little marc". I couldn't find one yet in London.

    Anyone can help? Any chance to order online ?

    I have no pic of that but hope pp here in Marc forum can help me.

    Thank you very much! :smile:
  2. Have no idea what exactly is that. Can you give more descriptions? Colours? :confused1: Have you tried
  3. There are several bags out with "Miss Marc" printed on them. Here's the tote style of the Nordstrom website:
  4. r u refering to the Veruka satchel in midnight blue?


    or Veruka shopper in bright berry ??


    They used to be available on eluxury but I suspect they could have been sold out..
  5. Have you tried NAP?
  6. These are the exactly bags I want. Is any sites allow shipping to UK? Thank you and what's the bag name? Style? Thank you very much for all answers.
  7. I didn't see any two of these styles that I want :push: on :crybaby:
  8. I think the satchel and shopper are older styles so they may be difficult to locate. The tote is the newest release. NAP ships to europe.
  9. tote is on sale at eluxury
  10. Thank you for your every responds but I think I gave up :sad: