help me to find my new LV multicolore baby

  1. Hi,

    I d'like to buy a LV white multicolore bag. I have already some black's ones and I miss a white one:love:

    I really hesitate between two differents bag :

    - Lodge PM or

    - Alma

    Please, help me. Which one do you thing I ll use the more?

    Thank you

  2. ALMA, i have the white one and i love it.
  3. i say alma because i like the shape better. i am biased, i have that one. :biggrin: its very roomy and cute!
  4. I would say the alma. Have fun shopping
  5. I LOVE the Alma!! Definitely a beautiful shape! very classic too!
  6. i love my white alma, it looks so elegant..I also love the lodge pm but it looks better in black... IMO :smile:
  7. I'm more of the Alma in black MC. :biggrin:
  8. Alma, elegant and playful. I love how the MC in that style can be dressed up and down. Black MC is my favorite MC, but it's a personal preference I think ;)