help me to find info about these chanels? :)

  1. i'm checkin bagborrowsteal site and in love with these chanels :drool:
    any info on the retail price and can u show pics wearing yours if u have it :p
    thank u :smile:


  2. no idea but that's a really gorgeous bag.
  3. I have no idea either, but it is a pretty bag.
  4. I THINK retail on the bag might've been around $1650. A couple black ones have been on eBay of them was for $1300 OBO, but I'm not sure what it eventually sold for.

    But good luck with your search!
  5. The style number on the bracelet anyone? thats soooo sexyyy
  6. love the bag, good luck in your search sea!
  7. thanks girls... i hope i can find that bag :p
  8. I've seen it at Saks and Neiman's, but not too recently.
  9. I've also seen a couple on eBay..
  10. I've seen a black tote like that at Nordstroms topanga a while back.
    I'll ask my friend if she knows the name.
  11. thanks a lot girls :smile: