Help me to decide

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  1. Hi, ladies, I need your input on this: I am debating to get a constance 18cm or a diamond pendant for my birthday... I can afford about $7000 or so... so between a 1.2 carat single diamond or a constance 18cm bag, what should I do? Thanks for your vote!
  2. I will always choose a handbag over jewelry, but that's just me :smile:
  3. I would get the Constance. Jewelry prices are so inflated right now.
  4. I would choose Constance over a diamond, but again you are asking this question in Hermes thread vs jewelry thread. Haha. I personally do not wear diamonds on a daily basis, only to evening functions, esp it's an over 1 carat piece.... but of course that depends on your lifestyle as I know many friends wear their big diamonds everywhere regardless. But for me i wear my bags all the time so makes me feel more "justified" in a sense.... From an investment perspective diamonds may be a better option, especially if you ask my DH!! But again it is Hermes you are talking about, i do treat my bags as "investments" in a way that i am hoping to pass them down to my daughter (not that i have one yet) haha Just my humble 2 cents.....
  5. I would go with the Constance. It is much harder to find a Constance and you can easily find diamonds whenever. I have been looking for a Constance for months and still couldn't find one that I like!
  6. Diamond from tiffany and co. Bag although it is H, once u use it the price will go down
  7. I'd personally get a constance if I can get one. A jewelry would've been easier to get. HTH, good luck with your decision making process.
  8. I'm in need of advice yellow 35cm birkin or lv green kusama KEEPALL and I know I can't have both cause I'm a teenager
  9. Well, at your age you want to have fun and be current, so the LV Kusama would seem to fit the bill; HOWEVER, the birkin will never get old - NEVER!

    personally, I would go with the birkin, hands down. I bought a LV murkami cherry blossom when they first hit (2003, I think?) and I have never carried it, not once! It has been in a coma in its sleeper for nearly a decade!

    Of course, another major consideration is the price difference between the two - I don't believe that these two bags are in the same price range, but if you can swing it honey, go for it!
  10. I will concur with the others and vote for the Constance, but the most important thing is how the item will make you feel. Go for whichever one makes your heart sing!
  11. Constance.:heart:
  12. I know tat diamond r woman best friend
    But my vote still goes to Constance
    To me Hermes is special n harder to get
    Gd luck to your decision
  13. Is this for a special occasion ?
    As much as I love H, I would go for the diamond.
    Diamond will always have value even if it's easier to get. With H... who knows what's gonna happen in 5-10 years time ?
    But if you don't mind about the value later on, then get the one your heart really want. :smile:
  14. Not really. If you can find a Constance in the 2nd hand market below retail, please can you let me know? Because I couldn't, unless it's vintage or very bad condition of course.

    To OP I think you can guess my answer. Constance. And please don't confuse investment on loose diamonds with diamond jewellery. Jewellery has a much lower resell value. Although branded like T or Catier pieces do a lot better.
  15. Well the birkin is on eBay and I won. It for 1700 it looks authentic it's in yellow éclat with ghw