Help me to decide

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  1. Either a black chery day with GGH or a black step? Is the step REALLY getting discontinued?
    Have: day sky blue
    twiggy anthr
    city amethyst
    flat clutch black
    coin black cherry
  2. Oh yeah, first in sapphire
  3. i prefer step :smile:
  4. DEFINITELY BLACK CHERRY GGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  5. Black Cherry Day!!
  6. Black Cherry day with GGH!:yes:
    Let we know!!!
  7. NO CONTEST!!! Black cherry day with GGH! And then take tons of pictures so I can drool enviously over them!
  8. BC w/GGH for sure!!!
  9. Black Cherry GGH Day!!!
  10. I'm a bigger fan of the Day style, but you might want to add a black bag in early on so you can use it for everything and everyday purposes. Love Black Cherry too! God, I'm no help.
  11. IF you can find a BC GGH Day with superb leather, then that one. (Sorry, but most I've seen had yuck leather, especially compared to 05 Bordeaux and 06 Grenat).

    If not, then Black Step if you like the "longer" bag style.
  12. me too! i vote for the black step!