Help me to decide!!!!!


Which one should I get first?

  1. B Fendi white linen with black patent leather

  2. Damier chelsea

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  1. DH only allows me to choose between these two!! Which one should I get first! and why? Help!!

    Either a fendi white linen B bag with patent leather :love:


    A Damier chelsea:tender:
    fendi white.jpg
  2. Oops sorry!
    The pic which I just attached is the Fendi B bag. I don't have a picture of the damier chelsea.
  3. I love the Fendi.
  4. Those two are really different, I love the fendi but the damier might be more practical.
  5. It depends on what you want, a classic bag or a trendy one. To me the damier is classic and the bbag is more trendy.
  6. I'd get the B Bag.
  7. The other one I am getting is the multicolour speedy! but of these two, i am only allowed to choose one first! I like the B bag because of its trendy and sophistocated look. I like chelsea cause it's roomy and more practical! I am torn between these two!
  8. b bag
  9. I love the Chelsea but I am really loving that Fendi. That is gorgeous.

    I guess I didn't help much, huh? Sorry.
  10. fendi B bag!!! i love it :yahoo:
  11. The chelsea is more of a work tote or briefcase type bag IMO. So the choice really depends on what you want to do with it. Both are very nice bags.