help me to decide which LV to take..plzzz!

  1. im thinking of buying a small choice now is the wapity.but it's too small.

    u guys know any other design that is bigger or sumthing like that?i dunt mind if its not from the mono canvas.anything as long as it is LV. hehe

    thanks :heart:
  2. Hmmm, what about a Pochette Tikal or a Mini Ellipse? Though I don't think those are much bigger, but at the moment I'm really in love with the Tikal :smile:
  3. it depends on what you want it for

    the Pochette Tikal would be cute


    or the Mini Sac HL

  4. how about the denim speedy case pm? I think its only slightly bigger though.
  5. How about the Pochette Accessoires - It's a very nice size, good shape, good price - I use mine for when I go out at night. It can be worn on shoulder or as a clutch
  6. I second the pochette accessoires - great choice! I've got two and they are perfect.
  7. thanks girls. hmm. im still eyeing for the wapity. i love the feeling it tangles on ur wrist. im gonna get it next saturday.

    ps:btw, LV boutique in my country is relocating and will open sep9.its da biggest in the region.heard that marc jacob is coming to sad cannot get my hand on the invi.

    viva la vuitton~
  8. Ooo... waht color wapity do you plan on getting? =P
  9. if you LOVE the wapity then totally get the wapity... 0o0o0o yeah what colour wapity are you planning to get???
  10. I agree pocette tikal is super cute..I almost got it the other day but I will wait until I get something from groom.
  11. What about a MC rift?
  12. Oh yeah ! Wapity sounds great cos I love wristlet:love: You'll be surprised how much you can fit in it:yes:

    :nuts: May I ask where this new LV is or is it a secret :sneaky: