help me to decide what size of flap to get!!!!

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  1. well first of all , its nice to be back here, i've missed the forum for a month, and i see there is changes on the forum format , nice job!!!

    anyway after i acquiring my GST,last month, now i'm thinking of getting my next one beore the price increase, and i need your help on what size of flap to get.. i have a black jumbo already, now i'm thinking of getting the medium or the e/w flap. what is the size difference on the two? can any one post a picture on side by side w/ the two bag, anyone???

    and now what color to get?? hows the fonce blue?? can this color goes pretty much w/ anything??

    thank you guys fro the feedback.
  2. Both are great bags. And i think they fits almost the same, since the E/W doesn't a double flap like the medium. As for the size, they have the same length but the E/W is shorter in height than the medium. Here's a picture posted by "dodo2005"-(hope she don't mind). HTH

    As for the bleu fonce. I doubt if you can still find one. Me and my friend have been searching hard for the Medium Bleu Fonce but we cnt find any:sad: Anyway, hope you will be able to fine what your looking for...Goodluck!
  3. fashion_gurl, that is an excellent side-by-side photo! Thank you for sharing!
  4. I'd suggest the med\large unless you find an e/w with a HTF colour like red /purple/blue fonce!If you haven't got a med/large one in black why not? it's all time classic!it doesn't matter your GST is black too it serves different purpose!
    Just grab one before the dreaded price increase!;)
  5. just noticed you've already have a blk jumbo too!hmm,then I'd say a med/large in beige or white or else a black e/w to use as an evening back would be a good idea too IMO! keep us posted on your decision!
  6. ITA- there needs to be a sticky'd thread titled FLAPS only- size comparisons!
  7. I second that !:smile:
  8. I would suggest the med/large - I like the shape better than the e/w. The blue fonce is very pretty but it sounds like it's hard to find... in fact I'm not sure what colors are available right now other than the classic black/beige/white. if you want something colorful, you might have to wait until the Spring 2008 colors come out.
  9. Hmm, well since you already have a gorgeous black Jumbo and the tote thing covered with yours GST, how about a dark white or beige medium flap? :smile: I personally love the E/W size, but my all time favorite is the medium classic flap size :love:... and since it'll be going up by $400, it's a good idea to get one now! :tup:
  10. You can still get the medium bleu fonce in lambskin at NMs.
  11. hey girls

    thank you for your feedback, appreciate it, i think i'll get a medium flap, maybe biege? since like you guys said blue fonce its hard to find already,
    and speaking of the increase sure the mdium flap will increae too, i thoguht only the jumbo?

    thank you for posting the side by side comparison.

    and thats also i great idea to have a section for flap size comparison:tup:
  12. medium flap in beige or white
  13. You're welcome:smile: And yeah, I believe all Timeless Classic's will be affected on price increase (including medium).